Jerry Springer: Trump Not Presidential, Guns Bad, Oprah 2020

February 27th, 2018 2:26 PM

An almost down-to-earth celebrity discussed the hypocrisy of celebrity opinions with the Daily Beast, and then went on to give his own hypocritical celebrity opinion.

Jerry Springer sat down with the Daily Beast’s Tim Teeman to discuss the New York debut of Jerry Springer: The Opera. Seeing it back in London a couple years back, Jerry claimed to enjoy the production, and it gave him an opportunity to reflect on life and his own show.

“My show is what it is. My show is stupid. The only defense I ever give to the show, when people are attacking it or whatever, is that they won’t admit their criticism is elitist.”

Springer went on to give a humble perspective for an instance. He argued that everybody will laugh and ridicule the guests, but will laud celebrities for behaving the same way, or voicing similar opinions. He claimed, “On our show, people talk about exactly the same thing, but because they are not rich, famous, or good-looking, and don’t speak the Queen’s English, we call them trash. People downgrade the people on my show, but if it was a celebrity saying the same thing, we’d be saying, ‘Oh my goodness, this person’s wonderful.’ It’s so hypocritical.”

He’s not wrong. At all.

Then Springer went on to mention that his real passion is politics, and not surprisingly, his credibility was soon to disappear.

Jumping right back into cliche, Jerry heavily criticized President Trump. He refrained from commenting on the sexual assault allegations, but made sure to mention that he was a bad fit for president. He stated, “I think, nothing against him personally, but he has no business being our president. He doesn’t represent American values. Three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton … He wants to replace the statue of liberty with a wall. It’s the most un-American thing you can think of.”



The former mayor of Cincinnati is a conventional, urban liberal. A proponent of gun-control, Springer commented that anyone not in the military who owns an assault weapon as “a hobby,” should “start collecting stamps.” He added, “It’s nothing to do with the second-amendment. We’re not allowed grenade-launchers. There are a lot of weapons we can’t have.”

And, when asked about the question on everyone’s mind, as to whether Springer would vote for Oprah or Donald, he said Oprah. “Trump is known and Oprah is known, and more qualified because of her intelligence, ‘connectability,’ compassion, and where she stands on issues… If it’s Oprah against Trump, I’d vote for her.” Talk show divas need to stick together.