New Apple Media Set to Introduce PC Series About Immigrants

If there’s one topic conservative Americans need to be relentlessly hit on the head with, it’s that they aren’t doing enough to understand that immigrants are the fabric of America. The talk of border security and proper paths of citizenship is dangerously prevalent today. Don’t worry though, the androids over at Apple will be helping with some cultural oversight. reports that Apple is working a on a new TV show portraying the lives of recent immigrants to the United States. Written by Kumail Nanjiani, Emily Gordon, Alan Yang, and The Office alum Lee Eisenburg, Little America is set to be an anthology series based on a pro-immigrant section of stories in Epic Magazine by the same name. The magazine describes these stories as “a small, collective portrait of America’s immigrants -- and thereby a portrait of America itself.” It also states:

This is the basic American idea — an identity open to all — but it can be easy to forget from inside. And that’s when politics can turn ugly, as it has recently, with our political narrative becoming a story of blame and fear. “Little America” is meant to counter that narrative with a fuller portrait of our most recent arrivals.

Clearly, the production team believes that a large portion of Americans are a little socially maladjusted, so their new show invites them to “go beyond the headlines to look at the funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring, and unexpected lives of immigrants in America.” Nanjiani, a popular Hollywood writer and comedian, comes from a recent immigrant family, and he will be helping to crystallize the American immigrant perspective by tapping into his own experiences.

Little America is one of the first creations for Apple’s upcoming original content platform. Former Sony Pictures TV chiefs, Jamie Erlicht and Zach Van Amburg, are leading the helm of Apple’s new media venture, though how they will be distributing content is still unknown.

Considering how America is currently in a hot-button debate on immigration, it’s not surprising that media/technology powerhouse is trying to influence the narrative. And since they’re on the cutting edge of tech, maybe their media distribution involves some sort of direct-brain upload that convinces conservatives that illegals are Americans too, and that the GOP are Russian operatives.



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