Curt Schilling: Obama Hosting NFL Team on D-Day Is Telling Americans to ‘F**k off’

Former Major League pitcher, and former ESPN MLB analyst Curt Schilling launched into an impassioned Facebook rant against the man he wants very badly to be a former President.

The trouble started when it was reported that President Obama is set to welcome the Denver Broncos to the White House on Monday, to congratulate them for winning the Super Bowl. The problem is, that Monday is the 72nd anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Schilling, like most thinking humans, is no fan of using that day to remember or commemorate anyone other than the soldiers, sailors, coast guardsmen, and airmen who took part in the landings. Nor, does he believe Obama’s invite to the Broncos on that particular day is any accident:

Of course, it makes perfect sense to force men who hurled themselves over the sides of Higgins Boats in order to avoid being mowed down by machine gun fire, to share the day we reserve for them and their conquering one of the most evil forces in human history, with the men who conquered Cam Newton.

Those are obviously equal testaments to the indomitable spirit and courage of the American man. Obviously.

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