CBS's 'Madam Secretary' Tells of How the Cold War was Won, but Leaves Reagan Out of It

Facts may be stubborn things to people concerned about truth. But they are quite malleable things in the hands wack-a-doo leftists, hell-bent on erasing the primary achievement of one of the most conservative presidents in American history.

On Sunday night’s edition of Madam Secretary (known hereafter in this post as Madam Hillary, since it is the election of Hillary Clinton to which this entire show is dedicated) an episode titled “The Middle Way,” a couple of Madam Hillary’s underlings, Chief of Staff Nadine Tolliver (Bebe Neuwirth) and assistant Blake Moran (Erich Bergen) convene in a DC bar where Tolliver attempts to cheer up the melancholy Moran.

You see, Moran is depressed because he read a State Department document that basically forecast the end of the world in 15 years, predicting that mankind would eventually succumb to a siege of bioterrorism and global warming-induced natural disasters.

Seeking to comfort Moran, Tolliver brings up her own childhood memories of the doom-and-gloom her generation felt about the possibility of nuclear war. Except, when she gets to the part about winning the Cold War and preventing nuclear Armageddon, she kind of leaves out a pretty important detail:

Tolliver: You know, when I was a little girl, we didn't have fire drills. We had nuclear bomb drills. Duck and cover. Duck under the desk and cover your head. As if that would've helped. We were all absolutely convinced that one day we would all die in a nuclear war. We just lived with it. Oh, we... Tried to get the most out of our time, but we just hoped and prayed for the best.

Moran: I studied the Cold War. It's a miracle it didn't happen.

Tolliver: Oh, partly. There were other things. The salt talks. Ongoing negotiations among world leaders. The Berlin Wall eventually came down, seemingly out of nowhere, but really... It had to do with a lot of people making good moves at the right time. And yet here we are again, making a big mess of everything, and if we don't change our ways, then yes, it will be the stuff of nightmares. But if we turned things around once, I believe we can do it again. Sometimes... You have to have faith in people. Do not ever tell anyone I said that.

Um, “a lot of people making good moves at the right times” is what won the Cold War? The Berlin Wall came down, “seemingly out of nowhere?” The endless prattle of “ongoing negotiations” among world leaders brought the wall down?

This is of course, quite the pleasant fiction for libs. When in fact, if anything, it was the ending of negotiations among world leaders that brought an end to the Cold War. Such as at Reykjavik, when Ronald Reagan (the man singularly most responsible for the end of the Cold War, who is of course not even mentioned in this silly karaoke scene) walked away from Gorbachev and chose to keep SDI. Which directly led to the INF Treaty.

Not to mention, when Reagan reversed the limp-wristed Carter Administration strategy in Afghanistan, and begun an aggressive new plan to actually win the fight against the Soviets there. Or, when he publicly shamed the Soviet Union as the “Evil Empire,” and deployed the Pershing missiles to Western Europe, to counter the Soviet SS 20’s.

The Berlin Wall coming down after all that could only come “seemingly out of nowhere,” if the writers of your television show are ideologues bent on the perversion of history.

Which, of course, Madam Hillary’s writers absolutely are.


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