Alt-Left Insanity: Don’t Blame Muslims for Terror Done By … Muslims

June 2nd, 2017 7:09 AM

Note: Normal people might find some of this offensive. (We hope. Dear Lord, please!)

By all rights, this should be the climate change/Kathy Griffin/Scott Pelley/covfefe edition. Those are just the big stories that broke in the last 48 hours. The news cycle is just as insane as the news media covering it.

Trump has ditched the Paris climate non-treaty (never approved by the Senate). Nearly talentless comedian Kathy Griffin has dropped from the D List so far that she’s nearly caught me in F+ celebrity land and even lefty CNN dropped her. (After Squatty Potty!) CBS cut anti-Trump anchor Scott Pelley from its evening news and sent him into 60 Minutes exile. And the media went nuts over another Trump tweet -- obsessing over a typo.

And on a day of a huge victory for Trump by exiting the Paris Climate Accords, thrilling conservatives (even ones who opposed him), Alternet pretends Trump support is weakening. “Could Donald Trump's Base Finally Be Turning on the President?” it asked.

Nope. But it shows how out of touch the alt-lefty media has become.

Welcome to Resist America -- aptly name since many on the left are indeed resisting America. They want to pout, prance, march, scream, whine, and harass because they can’t come to terms with Trump’s victory. They’ve taken their guidance from Hillary who has blamed everyone but elves and dwarves for her loss. (Hillary: Return of the Queen is due out in paperback from Gondor Books one of these days. The elves and dwarves will finally get theirs.)

On the “news” media side, the Resistance (cue the Hogan’s Heroes theme music) continues to separate itself from anything resembling journalism. Let’s take a look at Fusion. In the midst of a story about the U.S. withdrawing from the Paris non-treaty, the Fusion fanatics lost their way. Here’s an exact quote: “Either way, unfurl those protest banners again, because it could be yet another week of anger and resentment toward the country’s most bumbling, misguided presidency ever.”

Ah, journalism, or whatever it is that Fusion does. Perhaps they should try professional bowling. At least they are politically motivated, that should make them self aware.

Or not. In an article headlined, “Snakes and Money Are the Real Threats to Journalism,” Fusion showed its own disconnect from reality. The piece was all about the worst dangers to the news industry. “It’s not mean words that threaten journalism in America. It’s money,” wrote Hamilton Nolan. (Hamilton’s a nice neutral reporter who, “donated to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.” Then he “donated to Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign.”

He underlined what he meant -- “rich owners” are the danger. “We are entering an era in which, more than ever before, journalism is dependent on hoping that rich people are good and not bad.” This is the point where self awareness should kick in for Fusion staff, since they work for lefty billionaire Haim Saban, who ranks at #660 on Forbes World Billionaires List with a mere $3 billion in personal wealth.

Hamilton could have quit while he was behind, but he kept on going, bemoaning media money like he didn’t grasp the danger of his own, openly biased outlet. “Any rich guy with ulterior motives can buy a newspaper, and any political hack can sit in the editor’s chair and call himself an editor.” Ahem…

He closed by warning, “It’s not the body slams we need to worry about. It’s the fucking snakes.” In the post-Gawker, Fusion world, dirty words give you earthy, street cred or make you look like a moron. Your mileage may vary.

It’s not just losers from Fusion F-bombing their way through the climate debate. It’s people like former Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Wil Wheaton. He tweeted  “Go fuck yourself, you lying piece of shit,” at White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, after Priebus was pleased at Trump pulling from the climate pact. (Wheaton has gone from secondary actor on one show to tertiary on Big Bang Theory, btw.) Loudmouth filmmaker Michael Moore called it the equivalent of “USA to Earth: FUCK YOU.”

Which takes us back to Haim’s Hacky Host, and first an amazing video: 

The Craziest Video You Will See All Day (I Hope): I do a lot of mocking of Fusion, Jezebel, Deadspin, etc. -- the Haim Saban wacky web world. And deservedly so. Haim runs Univision, which is available to 99 percent of Hispanic households. So he has enormous influence. And yet he runs websites that look like they are published in a mental asylum. (But less intelligent.) Here’s just a 3:44 video and yet it’s chock full of propaganda. Imagine what Haim and his employees can do with a whole network. The video, which screams: “WHY ARE WE SO OBSESSED WITH BLAMING ALL MUSLIMS FOR TERROR ACTS?” is on Fusion TV. It asks, “how we’ve managed to turn Islam into a 1.6-billion member criminal enterprise.” Naturally, it goes on to blame conservatives. Specifically, actual quote: “a steady stream of far-right politicians spoonfeeding the world a tale about how Islam is out to destroy us.” The B-roll shows VP Pence, former Gov. Sarah Palin, etc. Notice, no blame befalls the Muslim terror groups of (Taking a long breath here): Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestine Liberation Front, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, al-Qa’ida and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. Those are Islamic terror groups off the official State Department list. All of those groups were put on the list during Democrat President Bill Clinton. Lots more have been added since, including ISIL (We call it ISIS) and Boko Haram. Now take a look at a Wiki list of May terror attacks. Notice something? I’m no Wiki fan but the list is pretty instructive about numbers of radical Islamic attacks. Now, back to our stupid video. Upset that Hillary Clinton linked the Pulse Nightclub shooting to radical Islam (Hint: She was right), our moderator asks: “When was the last time a leader of the whites went on an apology tour after a mass shooting in the U.S.” I know it’s hard for Fusion staff to grasp this, but being white is not an ideology, Islam is. Our color is not optional, unless we are named Rachel Dolezal. Our beliefs -- such as killing non-believers or the eight countries that execute gays (all Muslim). Those are optional.

Yes, The Alt-Left Is This Crazy: Forget the pro-Muslim propaganda for a moment. Let’s talk pro-abortion propaganda -- The Handmaid’s Tale. This is a ridiculous attempt to depict a fictional theocracy called Gilead. In the post-apocalyptic world, women who can breed are forced to do so with powerful men who rape them and keep them as slaves. If you’re the nutters at Bustle, that sounds a lot like present day America. I’m not kidding. Here’s the headline: “7 Times 'The Handmaid's Tale' Got Almost Too Close To 2017.” No, it’s not talking about Saudi Arabia, it’s making comparisons to Trump’s America and mentions Trump four times. Here’s the beginning, actual quote one: “The Hollywood Reporter hailed it as ‘unintentionally relevant,USA Today a ‘wake-up call for women,’ and Rolling Stone a ‘chilling Trump-era series.’" Actual quote two: “Five months later it is, of course, still fiction, but as the series continues to unfold, its real-life resonance has only intensified.” I could actual quote this entire story. It only gets more stupid. The seven times include: “It Mirrors The War On Reproductive Rights” and, the real laugher, “It Speaks To Conservative Women” (“whose ideals often hinder the freedoms of other women.” Yeah, like the 30 million women the left has butchered since Roe v. Wade.) Bustle goes on to give a laundry list of lefty causes from climate change to LGBTQ rights. It oddly refers to “non-consensual sex” and how the protagonist was “forced to have intercourse with her commander.” It seems Bustle might hate conservatives but it’s unwilling to call out rapists? THe article is instructive as a peak into alt-left attitudes -- sort of the psycho psyche. They have convinced themselves this is “what could happen should religious extremism and misogyny revert our liberal democracy into a patriarchal regime” and strangely think we’re almost there. This must explain the loons wearing vagina costumes.

Time To Break The Staff Of Life: Bread has been ubiquitous in some form throughout modern human history. Rye, wheat, white, flat, pita, and more. Bread has been called the “staff of life” and figures prominently in everything from the Bible to prison. Because it’s essential. Until recently. Fad diets have gone to war with bread and the gluten-free movement has caught on, in part because of some legit allergies, and part because of hipsters -- and they ruin everything. (Extra column points if you’ve ever heard of Meade Skelton. I had not till this.) Now the alt-left is at war with the tasty, flaky substance we all enjoy. Alternet alerted me to this food fiasco in a story headlined, “We Know for Sure That Bread Is Unhealthy—for the Environment, at Least.” Forget gluten, the left wants to target eco-gluttons. Actual quote one: “But it turns out there’s another reason to steer clear of bread: it’s having a massive impact on the environment.” As part of the ongoing, alt-lefty, nanny-statism, (actual quote two) “Scientists in the United Kingdom have worked out the greenhouse gas emissions produced by making a standard loaf of bread, pinpointing the emissions hotspots in the process.” So the question is, why I am loafing around here? The answer is simple. The left wants to seriously play with what we eat. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pushing vegetarian or vegan eating styles, cutting out salt or sugar or getting us to eat our own poop. We need to take every anti-food jihad seriously. As for me, I will defend my tasty bread products when they pry them from my cold, sticky fingers.