Celebs Trash ‘Racist’ Parkland Survivor Rejected By Harvard

June 17th, 2019 5:38 PM

Who would have thought liberal celebrities would hate on Parkland shooting survivors?

When conservative teenager and former Turning Point USA spokesman Kyle Kashuv announced on Twitter that Harvard had rescinded his acceptance, liberals cheered. Celebrities called him a “racist,” while the propaganda rag Splinter referred to all conservatives defending Kashuv as “shitheads.”

Kashuv’s acceptance was rescinded in the wake of a scandalous Google doc where he was caught saying racial slurs. However, the young highschooler was 16 at the time of the recordings, before the shooting, and has since publicly apologized for his actions.

The liberal media and Hollywood have not accepted his apologies, instead slamming him at every opportunity. Will and Grace TV star Debra Messing retweeted CNN commentator Keith Boykin, who claimed “Mistakes have consequences. Harvard had every right to rescind that student’s admission.” Messing commented, “ABSOLUTELY.” Messing has retweeted and defended the liberal Parkland survivor, David Hogg, multiple times.

One-time actor and liberal conspiracy theorist Tom Arnold called out Ben Shapiro for defending Kashuv. Arnold said, “Looks like you just want a fellow racist to get into Harvard.” It’s ok, Tom. We all know your Russian conspiracy theories didn’t work out.

Human Rights Committee spokesperson Charlotte Clymer wrote, “Tens of millions of kids who aren't going to Harvard this year. I think he'll be okay.” A year ago, Clymer wrote, “Attack me. Leave children alone. What the hell is wrong with you cowards? #Parkland.”

Splinter, the liberal conspiracy theory site that enjoys doxxing members of the Trump administration, wrote, “Conservative shitheads race to defend teen's right to say the N-word and still go to Harvard.”

It seems like no one cares about the integrity of the Parkland kids anymore. At least, not the ones that are pro-Second Amendment.