Model, Daily Beast Slam Coachella Owner for Being ‘Right Wing,’ ‘Pro-Gun’

The liberal media is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do they worship Beyonce at Coachella? Or do they eschew Coachella for having something to do with a conservative?

The mainstream music festival’s owner, Philip Anschutz, is under attack from media outlets like the Daily Beast, as well as model and actor Cara Delevingne, for espousing traditional conservative values and donating to Republicans. (How dare someone have opposing beliefs?) On Instagram, Delevingne wrote a defense of her love of Beyonce but hate for Coachella, “I still refuse to go to a festival that is owned by someone who is anti-LGBT and pro gun. I am allowed to shame that man and the festival and show my appreciation of an artist at the same time.” “Shame” him for believing what half the country believes?

She also wrote, “Just because I love Beyonce doesn’t mean I now love Coachella. I still wouldn’t go. And I will let nothing get in the way of me showing my love or hate for something. Don’t let anyone come between you and your truth.”

Her truth, which of course bears little resemblance to The Truth, is one shared by the Daily Beast. In an article published on Sunday, Amy Zimmerman wrote, “Anschutz, one of the richest people in America with a net worth of $12.9 billion, gave large sums of money to the Alliance Defending Freedom, the National Christian Foundation, and the Family Research Council.” While Anschutz no longer donates to those groups and has released a statement saying that he was not aware that they were “anti-LGBTQ,” the stain supposedly remains.

But it’s not only that: Anschutz is anti-weed and anti-climate change! The horror! Zimmerman cited a blog post from rapper Afropunk who said that “media companies owned by Anschutz figure prominently in the denial of climate science and the promotion of climate change skepticism.” And Coachella doesn’t allow festival goers to bring weed to the event, which is just the last straw for Zimmerman.

She ended her piece, “It seems that Coachella-heads won’t be able to get high and forget that they’re funding the passion politics of an arguably homophobic septuagenarian after all.” How terrible.

But at least there’s always Beyonce, right?

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