Former Obama Campaign Aide Compares Trump to Child Murdering Haitian Dictator

February 13th, 2018 3:07 PM

After the controversy that was stirred up by the media when Trump allegedly referred to countries like Haiti as “shitholes,” it would not be the brightest move to reference just how awful Haiti is.

But someone in the liberal media did just that. Obama’s former deputy campaign manager, Karine Jean Pierre, wrote in her op-ed for Teen Vogue, “My parents fled a dictatorship. And now, they feel as if they’re living it all over again.”

Pierre told the story of how her parents fled from Haiti when “a dictator had taken over and was challenging the foundations on which the country was created.” But now, thanks to Trump’s remarks on Democrats, the NFL, and the Russia investigation, “Trump is the real threat to our democracy.”

The dictator Pierre is referencing is Jean Claude Duvalier, who governed Haiti for 15 years until he was forced to flee in 1986. His administration dealt in selling human blood and “torturing and starving its enemies to death.” According to the Independent, at one point Duvalier told jailers to turn one of his enemies “into a vegetable.”

In addition, the night before he fled the country, Duvalier ordered the human sacrifice of two baby boys on his bed (in order to curse the next occupant.) The Independent says, “The houngan called for two newborn, unbaptised children whom he could sacrifice in the ritual. The hospital charged $400 though one, a little girl, was sent back: the gods, the outraged houngan insisted, needed male blood. In the presence of Duvalier and his wife the babies were killed after hours of incantations and the liberal use of rum and herbs.”

That’s what a real dictator looks like.

But please, do tell about the “calculated, premeditated attack on American democracy in the name of consolidating power,” found in things said by the President. Coming from someone who has in the past called Trump a “sexual predator,” and called the ending of DACA a “white supremacy agenda,” the world must indeed be ending.