Comedy Skit Says Melania Trump ‘Wants to Kill Herself All The Time’

The entertainment industry has become obsessed with its offensive speculations on First Lady Melania Trump.

In a new video for comedy site Funny or Die, actress Nina Dobrev played a character called Karolina Petersburg, a “wife coach” for Melania Trump. Throughout the video, Dobrev resorted to harsh humor, with her character even mentioning a “new wife” for the president.

“I coach all the Trump wives,” she tells the camera. “I coach many wives. Any bad men who want young hot woman, they come to me. Right now, business go boom because many bad men exposed in media. So, wives must leave. Now they will need new, young hot wife. I will help them.”  

After showing images of sexual predators Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer with their ex-wives, the wife coach displays an image of President Trump and Melania, saying, “Still, Donald Trump is number one bad man. Being married to him is high pressure job. Good money, but, you want to, how you say, kill yourself all the time.”    

In a “flashback,” the wife coach is shown training Melania Trump in how to smile, how to kiss, and how to dress.

“You say, ‘I love you, Donald, and will remain of highest quality for you,” she tells the Melania character, who has her back to the camera. When “Melania” messes up, the wife coach hits her with a stick.

Watching footage of Trump kissing his wife on stage, the wife coach goes “She not kiss long enough. So he punish her, with more kiss.”  

With such cringey lines as, “Remember, you are less woman than Christmas tree,” and critiques of Melania’s QVC clothing lines, sold on the TV channel, Dobrev’s character flings shot after shot at the first lady and her husband.

“Save sadness for your eyes,” she advised. “It lets the world, but not your husband know, your silent suffering. Smile.”

Towards the end of the skit, Dobrev’s character mentions “new wife.” Someone off camera asks, “Are you saying that there’s someone new coming?” Dobrev’s character responds, “I cannot say things like this,” but nods her head in assent.

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