Alec Baldwin Set to Host Talk Show Because ABC Isn’t Liberal Enough Already

Mocking Trump on SNL apparently has its perks.

For Alec Baldwin, it was the perfect career choice, since now he is now promoted on not one, not two, but three media outlets: NBC, ABC, and NPR. ABC has just teamed up with the actor to produce a talk show based on his WNYC podcast, Here’s the Thing With Alec Baldwin.

While Hollywood Reporter stated that “additional details remain scarce,” it’s not hard to guess what the content would be on an Alec Baldwin talk show. A glance at the titles of some of his podcasts tells it all: “Steve Erickson Saw Trumpism Coming,” “Bernie Sanders Thinks Democrats Are Still Way Off Course,” and “Radio Host Bob Garfield on Trump and Telemarketing.”  

So here’s the thing: does ABC need another platform to give its audiences the charming left-wing propaganda endorsed by The View and Jimmy Kimmel Live? Isn’t it enough that the network has a former Clinton administration staff member as a co-host of Good Morning America? Or that it just had to suspend and reassign its “chief investigative reporter” for chumming fake news about the Mueller investigation? No, apparently it’s not enough. ABC needs just one more hour of someone spewing the same old stale talking points.

Baldwin is not even a smart choice though. Given how he’s handled himself in the Weinstein-related scandals, blaming the victims of sex predators for apparently not accusing the the harassers soon enough, and then admitting that he too has “bullied women,” it’s already bad timing to promote him for a talk show. Calling your daughter a “rude thoughtless little pig” isn’t exactly good press for any celebrity, much less a talk show host.

Maybe TV audiences are already getting too much Baldwin: his unscripted game show Match Game is already on ABC, pushing Trump jokes, vulgarity, and apparently racism.

But then again, original, intelligent content produced for the sole purpose of entertainment is overrated anyway.


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