Lasso of (Ironic) Justice: Kochs Invested in Lib-Acclaimed ‘Wonder Woman’

August 9th, 2017 2:08 PM

Oh how the tables have turned. While the film Wonder Woman was heralded by feminists and liberal media everywhere (and while the proceeds from some screenings were sent to Planned Parenthood) the actual company that made Wonder Woman was in part funded by “the most reviled figures among Hollywood’s liberal crowd,” the Koch brothers.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the brothers were brought into a deal with RatPac Dune Entertainment in 2013 by Steven Mnuchin, now the Treasury Secretary. The deal was reportedly a massive $450 million. Admittedly, it was a great investment: Wonder Woman’s box office earnings are upwards of $700 million.

The Kochs have been a favorite target for the left for years. Charles Koch alone received 153 death threats in 2014 and the brothers’ grants have been smeared as “Nazi authoritarian” tactics by climate alarmists. The Washington Post accused the libertarian brothers of inflicting “moral and intellectual cost” on society in June.

Liberals have also laughably claimed that compared to the Koch brothers, liberal billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg are “not such big money.” That’s despite the $550 million from Soros and $207 million from Bloomberg that went straight to liberal causes.

This news may be really upsetting for political actors on RatPac Dune’s payroll, especially for Ben Affleck, who starred in Live by Night. Only last year, Affleck produced a global warming drama called Incorporated, which criticized capitalism for ignoring climate change. It’s ironic, now, that Affleck is being paid by the same conservative business owners he so derided. Guess he must be in it for (only) the money.

It’s even more ironic given how critically acclaimed Wonder Woman has been over the summer. The Washington Post, which at one point said that the Koch brothers’ donations were a taint to the art community, called Wonder Woman “the perfect hero for the Trump era.”

But now that the truth is out, the liberal media has two options: 1) to ignore the fact that the Kochs funded their beloved feminist symbol’s film, or 2) to eschew Wonder Woman entirely. The alt-left has basically criticized the film anyway, because it’s not diverse or LGBTQ enough for them.

Or maybe, just maybe, they could accept that conservatives are human too?