Barbie’s A Total Drag: Artist Turns Dolls Into Drag Queens

August 2nd, 2017 10:34 AM

Fandoms do crazy things on a regular basis. Some of them are ill-advised, while others are pretty great. But whoever thought of turning Barbie dolls into drag queens was crazy.

Cosmopolitan’s Lilian Min reported on Mark Jonathan, an artist who “pays tribute to these fabulous performers” by taking regular Barbie dolls and re-painting them to turn them into drag queens.

The politically correct Jonathan turns seemingly innocent children’s toys and turns them into brash, overpainted models copied from the actual drag queens seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Min called the looks made famous by the show “instantly iconic.” So much so that they deserve a Barbie made after them, apparently.

While Mattel is not selling drag queen barbies, Jonathan is putting his creations in boxes and handing them out to his idols--the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Pictures of  the artist handing these dolls to the heavily painted and costumed men are featured in the article.

In a world where women are struggling with being objectified, it seems somewhat counter-intuitive that our culture should celebrate the over-sexualization and “feminine aspects” of homosexuals. Drag queens who dress up like female playboy models aren’t exactly helping the problem.

It’s ironic that Barbies, the “antithesis of radical feminism,” should be chosen by this artist to depict drag queens. In some way, it confirms the parallel implied. The trend of “drag queens” that has suddenly blossomed in the wake of the LGBTQ-rights laden summer doesn’t really help the “intersectionality” behind the left’s movements. Drag queens can’t possibly be for feminist rights. Or can they? It’s hard to keep up.