Jim Carrey's Advice to Griffin: 'Hold Up a Severed Leg As Well'

June 1st, 2017 2:05 PM

Jim Carrey defended Kathy Griffin’s photo stunt yesterday at his premiere of the Showtime series, “I’m Dying Up Here.” His advice to her? “Hold up a severed leg as well.”

In an article put out by People Magazine, Carrey shrugged off Griffin’s gruesome photo.

“I don’t think the joke is the problem,” he said. “It’s not really important.” With a very laid back attitude, he told his audience that all the hype is meaningless, and that no one needed to worry about it. However, his other statements negated this idea, since he wanted Griffin to do more in protest against Trump.

He defended Griffin to his audience, saying “when we’re going through terror and the fear of the end, comics are the last line of defense.” He implied that Trump is the onset of the end of the world, and Kathy Griffin was only defending the world from him with her picture.

Carrey himself is known for going too far. In a movie of his, he poked at gun owners with equally inappropriate jokes, only later to apologize to his audiences, in a fashion very similar to Kathy Griffin. However, now he has changed his tune.

He disagreed with most of the Twitter population, Anderson Cooper, and many more liberals and conservatives. The actor also said he too was guilty of taking something controversial and making it “art,” since a comedy scene he wrote for the show came from events that happened during Nixon’s administration. For Carrey, comics such as Kathy Griffin and himself “tell the truth, and make something beautiful out of it.”

So he thought Griffin’s picture was beautiful? He’s not the only one. Tyler Shields, the photographer responsible for Kathy Griffin’s photo, told TMZ that “he would not apologize . . . he will not censor himself in future photo shoots.” He referred to his photo as art, just like Carrey.

Most political and celebrity commentators agreed that Kathy Griffin went too far. But Hollywood seems to still stand by Griffin and her decision to use terror tactics in insulting Trump.