Is Verbal Abuse An Expression Of 'Hope, Not Hate' For Tyra Banks?

Tyra Banks, host of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ had a great message for the daughter of contestants on her show.

In an article published by Huff Post, the actress was accused in a lawsuit of implying that the child of contestants was “accidentally conceived.” The parents also alleged that the model “shook the girl’s shoulder and pulled her hair.” Tyra Banks is now being sued by these parents, who are seeking a jury trial.

This is the same Tyra Banks, who in an interview with CNN announcing her aid in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, told Frederick Whitfield that she thought it was time “to have hope and not to have hate.”

Does this same sentiment not apply to contestants on ‘America’s Got Talent?’ The parents in the lawsuit claim that Tyra Banks ridiculed them for their performance, which was a song about how much their daughter meant to them. She then asked their daughter, who was present, what she thought of her parents, in a manner that left the girl “fearful” and “traumatized and depressed.”

Banks spent some time in Georgia campaigning on college campuses for Hillary Clinton, someone whom she had “a personal connection with.” In her interview, Tyra tried to depict herself as a role model for the people that follow her. She identified with the campaign and told the reporter, “We are here to unite this country.” She campaigned on campuses to try to attract people in her demographic.  

For someone who told CNN that her demographic appeal included the youth and females, Tyra Banks apparently didn’t know how to treat her demographic. The parents alleged in the lawsuit that their daughter was “physically manipulated and verbally abused.” Even if the performance itself deserved to be ridiculed, no one should be subjected to that kind of behavior over a song. Tyra’s actions were selfish and rude.

Her actions were just another example of how the left in Hollywood does not practice what it preaches.

Tyra Banks