Cher: GOP Frontrunners are 'Cro-Magnon Cretins'

Cher has a history of disdain for all things conservative, and she’s been particularly active on Twitter in the month of July, tweeting out nearly daily bashings to her 2 million followers.

Thus, there are a lot to pick from, but here are her 6 most liberal-worshiping, conservative-bashing tweets from the past month:

Some are truly nonsensical, like the one about Ted Cruz, but some of her other commentary is just comical. For instance, Cher thinks that “global warming” includes weather that is “drier, wetter, colder, hotter” (i.e. why we have weathermen). She also thinks that some GOP candidates “shot their way in2 office” and that the GOP front runners are “cro-magnon cretins…disingenuous fools.”

Even if her reasoning isn’t quite transparent, no one can accuse her of mincing words or coming up with a good insult.

Cher seems to have a penchant for crazy, and sometimes insulting Tweets, especially around election time. In fact, she’s lashed out against 2008 vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on multiple occasions.

Maybe Cher should stick to life after Twitter, because we’ve had time to think it through, and we’re definitely too good for her tweets.

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