Alli & Kat: Conservatives Just Made Target Spend $20 Million to Protect Women

August 19th, 2016 2:05 PM

Target took steps toward protecting women this week, but you won’t hear about it from the networks -- because the credit should go to conservatives.

Watch the video below:

In April, the retail giant announced it would allow employees and customers to use the restroom of their choice to accommodate transgender individuals. But on Wednesday, Target revealed it would invest $20 million into building single-stall bathrooms in stores.

What the media won’t tell you though (not that they’re reporting the story), is that conservatives came up with this solution four months ago.

When Target first announced its new bathroom policy, the American Family Association (AFA) responded with a boycott petition. It recommended Target provide single-occupancy bathrooms for individuals who wanted more bathroom privacy, instead of implementing the current policy that could allow sexual predators “access to their victims.”

More than 1.4 million people signed AFA’s petition, but the boycott received little network attention. And now that Target has listened to conservatives’ recommendations (admittedly after a 1.1% decline in sales), there’s no coverage from ABC, CBS or NBC at all during their morning and evening news shows.


“It’s solid proof that conservatives both gave the best solution, and can make an impact by working together,” said Newsbusters reporter Katie “Kat” Yoder. And that’s “in spite of all the misrepresentation that conservatives routinely face.”

Despite what the media regularly claim, conservatives who oppose open-bathroom policies don’t hate the transgender community. In reality, they “want to provide a safe environment where everyone can use the restroom without being vulnerable to harassment or sexual assault,” Newsbusters’ Alatheia “Alli” Nielsen clarified.

“Liberals claim they are all for protecting women, but they are so quick to abandon that when it comes to who is allowed to have access to women’s restrooms,” Alli concluded.

The threat is real, as one woman in a Target dressing room found out first hand. And in at least two other instances, men in Virginia and Canada posing as women have harassed and sexually assaulted both women and children.

One Florida man, Andy Parks, made headlines after proving how easy it was for a man to access women’s restrooms in Target. While wearing a hidden camera, Parks asked if he could use the ladies’ room, and an employee told him he could (Parks did not follow through).

“Women make up about half the U.S. population, but transgenders are just 0.3 percent,” Kat pointed out, “Yet many liberals are set on their agenda no matter the cost to women.”

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