Daily Beast Columnist Dean Obeidallah: Trade Trump for El Chapo

January 14th, 2016 10:53 PM

Dean Obeidallah may be a comedian, but his tweets before and during the Republican president debate on Jan. 14, were not funny.

Even the background of his twitter page revealed his disdain for Trump with an image of the businessman made up to be a crying clown.

The liberal Daily Beast columnist and Sirius XM show host lashed out at GOP candidates, especially Donald Trump. Before the main debate on the Fox Business Network began, Obeidallah was already busy dehumanizing the candidates, and asking to “swap Trump for El Chapo.”

In a series of insulting tweets, he implied that Trump was “ineligible” as president because he isn’t “human.”

After exhausting his attacks on Trump’s origin, Obeidallah suggested a “swap:” Trump for the Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

Yes, Obeidallah suggested to have Trump trade places with a man the city of Chicago recently named “public enemy number one.” Forbes Magazine called El Chapo “the world’s most powerful drug trafficker” and the person responsible for as much as 25 percent of all illegal drugs that come into the US through Mexico.

If that wasn’t bad enough, El Chapo has been responsible for revenge killings and beheadings, according to Rolling Stone. In 2009, members of his cartel stormed a drug rehab clinic in Juarez, Mexico and murdered 17 patients. When El Chapo was captured in 2014, he told law enforcement, “I killed two or three thousand.” New York Daily News reported in January 2016, that El Chapo used a child as a “human shield” to evade capture in October 2015.

Obeidallah is used to offending people on Twitter. In July 2014, he was forced to apologize after saying that conservatives “love seeing Arabs get killed.” In a May 2015 CNN debate, Obeidallah absurdly claimed radical islam was a “made-up idea.”

During the second half of the debate, Obeidallah said “we will see” if there are “attacks on mosques tomorrow” after Republican candidates discussed terrorism and immigration:

During the Fox Business debate, Obeidallah also took aim at other Republican hopefuls including Jeb Bush and Sen. Ted Cruz: