Shapiro on Woke Healthcare: ‘DEI is a Gun Pointed at the Heart of the Meritocracy’

February 29th, 2024 5:19 PM

The Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro exposed the threat posed by the diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) ideology in a field where competence is especially important. 

Shapiro shared footage of radicals in the healthcare industry embracing DEI and actively promoting discrimination during the Jan. 26 edition of The Ben Shapiro Show. “DEI is a gun pointed at the heart of the meritocracy,” Shapiro said, before adding, “The DEI idea innately means that people who are unqualified are going to advance in life by dints of the fact that they are considered part of a victimized group.”            

Shapiro went on to play a few clips featuring Duke University surgical resident Vignesh Raman. In the video, Raman complained about patients watching Fox News and wearing MAGA hats. He then wholeheartedly endorsed DEI and celebrated that most of his patients were not white.

Shapiro roasted Raman for using “diverse” to mean “non-white,” before exposing his radical ideology. “So according to Raman, he says post-George Floyd, Duke actually made a concerted effort to stop hiding ‘so many, walls of white men’, and that the team even learned to abandon particular metrics and adopt holistic application practices so as to recruit more women and Latinx surgeons.” Shapiro then played an extended clip of Raman speaking on his activism, before blasting him again. 

“He’s literally saying that we are ignoring metrics in order to look at the life story of your surgeon,” Shapiro said. Shapiro exposed the absurdity with a hypothetical question, asking his audience whether they care to question a surgeon’s “life story” rather than their competence before lifesaving treatment. 

The Daily Wire editor emeritus went on to blast Raman for an ugly tweet where Raman stated, “I would say even for academic publications… I don’t want to amplify the work of white men who only collaborate with other white men.” 

Shapiro demonstrated with a few other clips that this doctor was not just one isolated DEI fanatic. He showed that the American College of Surgeons had promoted “the Ibram X Kendi definition of racism” to all of its members, pushing the dangerous belief that it is impossible to be racist to white people. Shapiro spelled out that this belief enables racial discrimination in the industry as a “corrective mechanism.” Ultimately, Shapiro said the health care system would get “fewer qualified people who are entering the system and more unqualified people going to top medical schools.”

Shapiro continued to go after the American College of Surgeons, calling them out for bringing in a speaker who claimed patients “do better” when doctors “look like them.”

Shapiro summed up the danger at hand in a post on X, “DEI in medicine means that even if doctors injure patients, they might still be protected (even promoted). It means that top hospitals are abandoning key metrics when hiring surgeons. And it means research by whites may be disregarded.”

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