‘Reality Check’: Sky News, Toyota CEO Deliver Brutal News to Eco Alarmists on EVs

February 8th, 2024 9:23 AM

Sky News host Caleb Bond amplified a message from Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda: Despite constant political pressure from the left, society will not entirely transition to electric cars.

During the Jan. 28 edition of Sky News Australia’s The Sunday Showdown, Bond provided what many in the environmentalist movement may perceive as bad news regarding the transition away from fossil fuel-powered vehicles and toward fully electric vehicles (or EVs). Touting the remarks of Toyota chairman Toyoda, Bond said, “Let's have a reality check for all the greenies who'd have us believe that we'll all be driving EVs in the next few years. There is some bad news, I'm sorry to tell you. Even the chairman of Toyota … has said that battery-powered electric cars will only account for 30 percent of the market at most.” Bond then added, “The chairman even said that engine cars will remain and that the market should be determined by customers and not regulations.”

Bond’s remarks followed a statement from Toyoda that “[gas-powered] engines will surely remain” as well as a prediction that electric vehicles will not be able to completely replace hybrids and gas-powered vehicles. In addition to his prediction that EVs would not exceed 30 percent market share, Toyoda made a strong statement in favor of consumer choice. Toyoda said that, “Customers — not regulations or politics — should make that decision,” according to Bloomberg News. 

Toyoda also appeared concerned about the impact of a full transition to electric vehicles on communities without electricity. Hosts of The Sunday Showdown echoed the car manufacturer, suggesting that a “billion people don’t have access to electricity.” 

The Sunday Showdown hosts also discussed government action on behalf of electric vehicles, including what host Paul Murray referred to as a “luxury car tax on hybrids.”’

When asked how an electric vehicle mandate would impact her as a farmer, Sky News contributor Evelyn Rae said “I don’t think we’d survive.” She went on to point out how fuel such as diesel replaces electricity in rural areas. “Living out in the bush–every week it’s like ‘oh it’s a bit windy today, I’m going to lose power.’ ‘Oh it’s a bit hot today, I’m going to lose power, and we rely so much on engines to actually live our everyday life.” 

Rae followed with a brutal indictment of tyrannical environmentalists, “If you make something that works, you don’t have to legislate it! You do not have to coerce people into doing it if it works and is reliable.” 

In the United States, both state and federal regulations on behalf of electric vehicles threaten Americans’ choices. The Biden administration, for example, “called for 50 percent of all new sales, car sales to be EVs by 2030 and they just released a new EPA regulation calling for 67 percent of new car sales to be EVs by 2032,” according to former EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. Wheeler went on to explain in a Fox News interview Dec. 30, 2023 how Biden’s EV mandate was ultimately doomed.

An even more draconian California EV mandate that has been embraced by sixteen other states demands that sales of gas-powered cars be phased out by 2035. 

Fortunately for customers, at least one major car company is willing to let drivers, not government officials make these choices. 

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