WATCH: Laura Ingraham Calls Out Airlines, Biden Admin for Obsession with DEI

January 15th, 2024 12:41 PM

Fox News host Laura Ingraham blasted the Biden Administration and woke airline companies for putting so many resources into woke diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to the possible detriment of passenger safety. 

Ingraham told guest and Washington Times Opinion Editor Charlie Hurt that “people could die as a result of DEI” during the Jan. 12 edition of the Ingraham Angle. Ingraham ripped the obsessive focus of the Biden administration and Boeing on DEI initiatives, noting that both had overseen bone-headed lapses in flight safety. Ingraham asked those responsible for the safety of hundreds of people traveling hundreds of miles per hour through the sky to focus on their responsibilities and hire competent people regardless of identity politics.

Ingraham contrasted the rhetoric of President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on diversity with a brutal safety statistic and a story about an air traffic controller pretending to know more about landing aircraft than a veteran pilot because she “googled it.” Ingraham said that “near mid-air collisions have skyrocketed under Biden by 63%.”

The Fox News host also tore into Boeing, reading from a 2023 Boeing DEI report that boasted that 92.5% of interviewees were diverse. Ingraham immediately followed with a haunting video of a Boeing plane flying with its door ripped off. Ingraham suggested that Boeing rethink its approach after this “near-catastrophic” incident and to focus on hiring its staff based purely on competence. Ingraham added, “[M]aybe just focus on getting the best employees so there is never any doubt. Hold them to the highest standards, no matter what their background, their skin color, their ethnicity, their gender, just merit.”

Ingraham made the point here that Boeing and the Biden Administration had not only lost focus on their real responsibilities by embracing DEI, but were also failing to find the best employees due to their obsession with reaching diverse employment targets.

Hurt agreed, ripping into DEI proponents: “[N]ot only is it going to cost people's lives, not only will this insanity kill people, but it also doesn't even achieve the goal they’re going for.” Hurt moved beyond public safety to attack DEI as an idea. “If what they're going for is equality, this is not how you reach equality. The only way you reach equality is as you said earlier, you judge people on the content of their character and their capabilities, and you put them and, of course, you educate people, which, of course, these people are also against that as well, and this what you wind up with.” 

DEI does not promote equality. Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts deify corporate and government discrimination. For example, leftist outlet Bloomberg News enthusiastically published propaganda that only 6 percent of corporate jobs at analyzed companies went to white Americans in 2021, referring to this apparent discrimination as “progress.” 

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