RED PILL: WashPost Editorial Board Slaps Down Woke Climate Activists

May 10th, 2023 3:58 PM

After years of stoking climate change panic, The Washington Post has finally drawn a line in the sand for eco fanatics when it comes to destroying art.

The Washington Post Editorial Board published a May 8 op-ed decrying several acts of vandalism against famous pieces of art by climate change radicals. “Attacking art isn’t climate ‘protest.’ It’s vandalism,” read The Post headline.

The article mentioned a recent act of vandalism at the National Art Gallery, as well as other cases of deranged activists smearing paint, cake, tomato soup, and mashed potatoes on the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and other artists around the world.”[T]his kind of ‘protest’ is no protest at all,” The Post rebuked. “It is vandalism plain and simple, and perhaps more than anything, it harms the cause these ‘protesters’ claim to care so much about.” Talk about taking the red pill.

But it’s pretty brazen for The Post to whine about climate change extremism when it pushes nutty content that foments the kind of craziness it just decried. For example, The Post editorial board scare-mongered in 2022 how some people will have to abandon their homes due to so-called climate change. The newspaper prophesied at the time that megacities like Manhattan, which is “vital to the U.S. economy,” may have to be protected by “massive sea gates that would close off New York Harbor during big storms.” Tough luck to those living in rural towns and suburbia. 

But that just scratches the surface of the climate nuttiness The Post has peddled over the years.

Post Editorial Board member Stephen Stromberg published a wild 2019 climate op-ed headlined: “Why baby boomers’ grandchildren will hate them,” in which Stromberg encouraged the rage of climate activists.

Stromberg claimed, “The planet does not care about conservatives’ concerns about national reform or President Trump’s inability to think rationally. It will change while they dither and deny. They are assigning to others the task of more rapid, more radical change. That is why so many opponents of acting on climate change prefer to play down or deny the climate threat.”

Stromberg then refers to climate change as “the greatest self-imposed long-term threat facing humanity,” and says that younger generations will curse older generations that came before them. Editorial Board member, Molly Roberts penned a fawning op-ed on activist Greta Thunberg, melodramatically writing, “The only thing Greta Thunberg thinks she’s entitled to is a future.”

The Post has clearly demonstrated that it has it out for Americans who eat meat, live in the suburbs, use gas stoves, mow their lawn, or even have a lawn and is willing to peddle its ridiculousness to millions. Is it really any wonder then why climate radicals would decide to take their eco-frustrations out by vandalizing art?  

Conservatives are under attack! Contact The Washington Post at 1-800-477-4679 and demand it stop contributing to the very hysteria its editorial board now decries.