Finally: CNN Admits Climate-Crazy EV Policy Has Not Gone as Planned

March 1st, 2024 10:05 AM

Even CNN Admits It: EV Market Has Been ‘Major Disappointment’ The legacy media has pushed for EVs for a long time, so it was a shock when CNN realized that the rapid shift to the all-electric future they envisioned wasn’t working the way they hoped.

In a Feb. 26 piece, CNN finally (sort of) came to grips with several important facts that every American has known: getting rid of gas cars in favor of EVs is not economically sustainable. The EV market has “become a major disappointment,” CNN conceded. For once, CNN’s message lines up with reality. EV sales have been below expectations and several EV projects, including Apple’s, have fallen through. However, the climate activists at CNN, of course, have not wavered in their support for the switch. 

CNN’s reporting comes as interest in EVs among Americans is dropping, especially among younger people. According to car insurance app company Jerry Services Inc's 2024 State of the American Driver report, “More than half (54%) of car owners who said they were not interested in buying an EV … even if charging an EV were as quick and convenient as filling up with gas.”  

In a rare move by a leftist media outlet, CNN acknowledged some of these issues. “Most electric vehicles currently on sale in America are on the more expensive side of the automotive market,” CNN reported. As it is clear from the Jerry report: people generally prefer less expensive cars. In fact, high car prices are a holdup for 86% of Americans looking to buy, showing the insane effects of inflation and high-interest rates. However, the media usually ignores this critical fact in the name of radical environmentalism.

CNN also surprisingly picked up on other issues that many people have with EVs: “lack of public charging” and a “confusing” tax benefit structure. But the outlet forgot about another concern raised by Jerry’s report: EVs have a poor range. According to Kelley Blue Book, a most Americans believe that EV batteries lack the range that would make an EV a comforting ride.

Of course, this does not erase the fanatical climate-crazy support for EVs that CNN continually panders. For example, CNN ludicrously claimed on Feb. 21 that “Hundreds of infants’ lives would be saved and millions of children would breathe easier across the US” if Americans laid down the $50,000 or more for EVs. 

That wasn’t even the first time CNN used this save-the-kids tactic on EVs as the outlet claimed on Feb. 7 that a switch to EVs would save almost 100,000 premature deaths. Further, CNN even alleged in the Feb. 7 piece that this switch would reduce racism by helping “communities of color” avoid pollution.  Also, in a Dec. 4 article, CNN unsuccessfully tried to defend the common unreliability of EVs.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact CNN at and demand that it tell the truth about the climate agenda and the dangers of switching to EVs too soon