POPULATION BOMB! Reuters Cries Overpopulation Making ‘Climate Justice’ Harder

November 15th, 2022 9:32 AM

Leave it to Reuters to indirectly resurrect eco-extremist Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s hysterical “The Population Bomb” as the culprit behind the left’s struggles to achieve so-called “climate justice.”

Reuters published an asinine climate doom-mongering story with a headline that needs no explanation: “Climate justice gets harder as world population passes 8 billion.” The article screeched that the overpopulated world signals “more hardship” for “regions already facing resource scarcity due to climate change.” Despite the continual debunking of Ehrlich’s boogeyman of an overpopulated world ever since the 1968 publication of his book, Reuters mindlessly paralleled Ehrlich’s logic: “Rapid population growth combined with climate change is likely to cause mass migration and conflict in coming decades, experts said.”

Reuters’s propaganda sounded like a scene from Hollywood director Ron Howard’s Inferno (2016) when antagonist Bertrand Zobrist railed against overpopulation in a TED Talk-like lecture. Zobrist just happened to be portrayed browbeating attendees over the planet’s population nearing “8 billion now."

In his 1968 book, Ehrlich predicted a population-led oblivion in the 1970s that never materialized, an Armageddon scenario that he still continued to push decades later.

Ehrlich wrote in The Population Bomb: “In the 1970’s the world will undergo famines – hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death.” He added that “[our children] will inherit a totally different world, a world in which the standards, politics, and economics of the 1960’s are dead.” 

Smithsonian Magazine even noted that Ehrlich’s agitprop “gave a huge jolt to the nascent environmental movement and fueled an anti-population-growth crusade that led to human rights abuses around the world.” Did Reuters memory-hole this factoid when it decided to publish a piece echoing Ehrlich’s alarmism?

Of course, Reuters made no attempt to distance itself from Ehrlich. In fact, the outlet didn’t even mention Ehrlich at all in the article. In fact, Reuters appeared to channel Ehrlich and create its own watered-down version of “The Population Bomb”:

“[H]aving more people on the planet puts more pressure on nature, as people compete with wildlife for water, food and space. But how much they consume is equally important, suggesting policymakers can make a big difference by mandating a shift in consumption patterns.”

Conservatives are under attack. Contact Reuters and demand it stop trying to peddle climate fear porn.