Remember When Biden Shills at CNN Hyped a Meaningless Dip in Gas Prices a Few Months Ago?

March 7th, 2022 12:27 PM

CNN went all out to hype a small decrease in gas prices in December as a sign of better days. Now that gas prices have skyrocketed, the network’s twisted coverage deserves revisiting.

The national average for gas prices surged to top $4 per gallon for the first time since 2008 yesterday, and U.S. crude oil briefly topped a whopping $130 a barrel. The news follows months of CNN trying to twist its coverage of the energy crisis to somehow benefit President Joe Biden’s image on energy.

But the disturbing news on energy prices skyrocketing makes CNN’s pro-Biden spin on the matter look ridiculous. Take a look at the montage below of CNN talking heads tripping over themselves to do Biden’s bidding and watering down the energy crisis across two weeks of coverage between November and December:



The network has done everything from absolving Biden’s woke green policy of “choking the domestic production of oil’” for the spike in gas prices to crediting Biden for a meaningless dip in oil prices in December. The Wall Street Journal’s latest story on the high prices in particular sums up why CNN’s antics to somehow spin the energy sector in some way that benefits Biden ahead of the midterms was clownish at best: “The Surge in Gas Prices Isn’t Slowing Down.”

CNN Reporter Matt Egan’s pretzel reporting on gas prices have left a slew of humiliating breadcrumbs that rotted over time. Egan, who once claimed unironically that Biden “isn’t to blame for high gas prices,” published a hot take story December 8, 2021: “Gas prices will tumble below $3 a gallon soon, government forecasts.” Egan tweeted out his story with gusto: “Sub-$3 gas is coming soon? @EIAgov projects prices at the pump will average $2.88 in 2022.” Yikes.

But just a day before his December 8 story, Egan tried to celebrate gas prices slightly contracting a few cents to a still high $3.35, which he acknowledged was over a dollar more than the average cost of gas a year earlier in December 2020. Egan even tried to credit Biden’s “intervention” in “part” for having something to do with price contraction. Egan’s Dec. 7 story was headlined, “Finally some relief: Gasoline and natural gas prices are falling.” Here was the killer quote: “After a relentless rise, prices at the pump are heading south.” Egan turned out to be 0-2 within a two day span. So much for prices “heading south.”  

But it gets even more comical. CNN Business senior writer Julia Horowitz released a November story attempting to praise Biden and China for a decrease in oil prices headlined: “Oil prices are finally falling. Thank China and Joe Biden.” Horowtiz praised how oil benchmarks like West Texas Intermediate and Brent Crude were “trading at their lowest levels in six weeks on signals that supply constraints could begin to ease soon.” It’s a wonder if any of that same responsibility Horowitz heaped on Biden for a paltry price dip will be accredited to him for the recent surge in U.S. crude to over $130 a barrel for a “13-year high.”  

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