Clinton, Menendez Donors Get Hollywood Reporter’s Philanthropists Award

There is nothing more ironic than liberals celebrating liberal billionaires. In this case, The Hollywood Reporter has named Univision owners and liberal mega-donors Haim and Cheryl Saban as their Philanthropists of the Year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s special feature in Billboard’s recent June 29 issue, “On July 10, Cheryl and Haim Saban will be honored as THR’s most generous power couple, their philanthropy priorities enrich Los Angeles’ cultural and civic vitality, promote healthcare access and research, strengthen the US-Israel relationship, and empower women and girls.” How poetic. Did they also forget that Los Angeles is currently a cultural and civic cesspool precisely because of the liberal policies the Sabans support?

The Sabans have been so generous and ‘empowering’ to women and girls that their Saban Capital Group OpenSecrets profile lists Robert Menendez’ Legal Expense Trust as one of its top donation recipients for 2018 ($10,000). That trust fund belongs to Democratic senator Bob Menendez, D-NJ, who just a few years ago was indicted on corruption charges and mired in what the Feds said were corroborated allegations of sexual misconduct with under-age hookers in the Dominican Republic. Aren’t optics supposed to be everything for philanthropists? After all, former Democratic senator Al Franken, (D-MN) was disgraced and panned over far less evidence.

The Sabans also have an unusually-chummy relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Andy Kroll, via Mother Jones reported in 2016, “No single political patron has done more for the Clintons over the span of their careers. In the past 20 years, Saban and his wife have donated $2.4 million to the Clintons' various campaigns and at least $15 million to the Clinton Foundation, where Cheryl Saban serves as a board member.”

Politico, in its 2016 article entitled: “Team Clinton's favorite billionaire,” noted that Saban also donated “$5 million for Bill Clinton’s presidential library in 2002,” just four years after the initial 1998 news stories broke outlining President Clinton’s sex scandals.

It would appear that the Sabans empower women while also empowering their alleged abusers.

OpenSecrets also reported that in 2016 the Sabans ranked 13th together among the overall top 100 donors. OpenSecrets also noted in 2016 that "Cheryl alone has given $72.5 million since 1990. This cycle, so far, she has donated almost $5.6 million and Haim, $6.7 million, often to the same candidates or groups.” These groups and candidates are overwhelmingly liberal and Democrat.

Kaiser Health News noted that Los Angeles County, where the Sabans’ work has been so productive, “Saw the most discharges involving homeless patients in 2017, with 35,234, followed by San Diego, Sacramento, Orange and San Francisco counties. The number of homeless patients treated in L.A. County grew by about 7,500 from 2015 to 2017, the largest numerical increase in the state.”

Maybe The Hollywood Reporter should re-examine its metrics for how it determines its Philanthropists of the Year award, because there’s really only one answer to the invitation to, “Take this opportunity to join The Hollywood Reporter in celebrating Cheryl and Haim Saban who are making a difference.”

Hard pass.


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