MRC's Dan Gainor: The Media Is 'Giving Us Fake News'

November 22nd, 2016 11:11 AM

As the media continue to target president-elect Donald Trump, MRC Vice President for Business and Culture Dan Gainor urged the media to “start being professional and do their jobs right.”

On Fox Business Network’s After the Bell on November 21, Gainor talked with host Melissa Francis about the media’s perpetuation of “fake news” to make Trump look bad.

Francis told how NBC news PR tweeted a misleading summary of an interview between NBC’s Chuck Todd and incoming chief of staff Reince Preibus.
“This is the same network that gave us Brian Williams and fake news.” Gainor responded, “The media are all upset about fake news and they’re giving us fake news!”

In the interview, Todd had asked if Preibus could “rule out a registry for Muslims?” Preibus responded, “Look, I’m not going to rule out anything, but I wouldn’t, we’re not going to have a registry based on a religion.”

Yet, NBC News PR tweeted:

According to Gainor, the only way to solve the problem of media bias is to “work around them,” since the media won’t “do their jobs right.”

“Donald Trump seems to be the first person who’s consistently taken this position as a presidential candidate or president in years; that the media are out to get him. And he’s right!” Gainor concluded.

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