WashPost: Preps for Storm and Bashes Trump for Doing the Same

The Washington Posts attacks on President Donald Trump are getting out of hand.

The Post hypocritically bashed Trump for taking this winter storm Stella seriously just hours after the newspaper hyped the storm itself, according to tweets captured by Cameron Gray, a writer for NRA News, on March 14.

A Post Twitter account dedicated to D.C. news mocked Trump for inviting “D.C. mayor to Oval Office for storm that brought 2 inches of snow.”

Less than 24 hours before, however, The Washington Post’s main twitter account asked “Are you prepping for the Northeast Blizzard?,” and advised “here are the things you you really do need in your winter emergency kit,” and reported “more than 4,000 flights” had been canceled due to the impending storm.

Gray pointed out the newspapers hypocrisy in his own tweet:

“Did the leader of the free world really need a storm briefing from the D.C. mayor? Was it a genuine attempt to coordinate with District officials? Or was it a condescending swipe at the city, raising doubts about whether it was prepared to handle snow?” The Post D.C. politics reporter Aaron Davis asked.

Davis wrote a similar story before the storm hit March 13, reporting that Trump was meeting with the D.C. mayor concerning the impending storm. But after the storm dropped less now than was expected, Davis wrote another story in order to mock President Trump.

Here are the two headlines side by side:


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