MRC's Dan Gainor: BuzzFeed's 'Journalism' Is 'Completely in the Toilet'

January 11th, 2017 4:58 PM

Calling Buzzfeed stories “journalism” is “like calling dog food filet mignon,” MRC Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor said on Wednesday.

Gainor appeared on the Jan. 11 Intelligence Report with Trish Regan to discuss President-elect Donald Trump’s first press conference since the election. He slammed the unverified, salacious documents published by Buzzfeed which alleged ties between Trump and Russia.

“This is a website that is devoted to kitten videos, listicles, and gossip, and we’re calling it journalism!” Gainor said of the questionable documents. Even Buzzfeed acknowledged they were “unverified reports,” Gainor added.

Gainor also criticized CNN for reporting on Buzzfeed’s unsubstantiated documents. “You’ve got Brian Stelter on the same network complaining constantly about fake news, then they roll up this report based in part on what we know to be utterly unverifiable garbage!” Gainor said.

“If this is where journalism is going, then it’s going to be completely in the toilet,” Gainor concluded.