Dan Gainor to NBC: 'Serves 'Em Right!' to Lose GOP Debate

January 20th, 2016 10:47 AM

MRC Vice President for Business and Culture Dan Gainor praised the GOP for standing up to NBC’s bias by not allowing them to host the Super Tuesday GOP debate. CNN replaced NBC as the debate host network.

Gainor appeared on Fox Business Network on Jan. 19, to discuss the media’s biased approach to the presidential debates with Risk and Reward host Deirdre Bolton.

The Oct. 28, 2015, GOP debate on CNBC “was entirely predictable,” Gainor said. “Everyone in Washington knew that John Harwood would be left and lefter.”

Gainor explained that losing the Super Tuesday GOP debate to CNN is “a huge embarrassment for NBC.”

“Serves ‘em right!” Gainor exclaimed.

Bolton also asked whether the DNC was being fair in not giving any Democratic debates to Fox.
“The DNC has clearly set up a whole debate structure here that is designed to get one person elected,” Gainor responded. “They’re not about to put Hillary Clinton on Fox or any place where she’s going to potentially look bad.”