Neil Cavuto Provides a Math Lesson for Student Demanding 'Free' College, and Debt Cancellation

A group of student activists calling itself the Million Student March are demanding free education. What they need are more math classes and the reality check that nothing in life is free.

A student spokesperson for the group proved that in an interview on Fox Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, on Nov. 11.

Anchor Neil Cavuto highlighted a protest taking place at Brooklyn College, called the Million Student March, and interviewed Keely Mullen to find out what the group demands.

“Uh, so the three core demands of the National Day of Action are, free public college, a cancellation of student debt, and a $15 an hour minimum wage, um, for people who work on the campus,” Mullen said.

“And how’s that gonna be paid?” Cavuto asked. She told him that the one-percenters should foot the bill.

After that, the interview went down hill for Mullen as Cavuto respectfully challenged her to run the numbers. Initially she reiterated a predictable, liberal response, claiming the financial burden should be paid by the one percent because they’re part of a economic “injustice.”

When Cavuto informed her that all of the money made by the top one percent couldn’t keep Medicare alone afloat for three years, Mullen was at a loss for words.

“I don’t … yeah … I don’t believe that …” Mullen’s stammered.

Not only that, but the top one percent don’t even have enough to pay for Mullen’s three demands.

Cavuto went on to explain that, while free education sounds like a great idea, no one will ultimately be willing to pay for her and her fellow classmates to have a free ride.

The complete interview can be viewed here.

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