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Ryan Foley has written for the school newspaper in both high school and college, with a total of eight years of writing experience. He graduated from Rhode Island College in May 2017 with a B.A. in Political Science. Since graduating from college, he has written for Red Alert Politics and Rouser News in addition to maintaining a personal blog. Ryan was a participant in the National Journalism Center's Spring 2018 internship program. Ryan currently resides in Westerly, Rhode Island and is a native of Elmira, New York.

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During the 3 P.M. ET Hour of CNN Newsroom Tuesday, CNN analyst Tara Setmayer alleged that President Trump envies Jeff Bezos because he “is the richest man in the world”, described Twitter as a “pacifier” for President Trump and referred to Fox News as a “propaganda channel.”


It looks like the media and the left have found a new argument in their quest to prove that Republicans hate children. Taking a break from accusing Republicans of hating children for refusing to jump on board with student activists demanding gun control, CNN's At This Hour has found a new sympathetic group to rally around: activist Oklahoma public school teachers. 

For the second day in a row, the legacy media has found itself obsessed with the controversy surrounding Sinclair Broadcast Group's promotion denouncing fake news and promising journalistic honesty and integrity. CNN's New Day presented no exception to the media hysteria, with co-host Alisyn Camerota comparing the promos to hostage videos.

To CNN's horror, President Trump unleashed a series of new tweets Monday morning, picking up where he left off in his "tweet storm" on Sunday. As she briefed the anchors of New Day, White House Reporter Kaitlan Collins could not tell if "these tweets actually represent a change in policy for this President or if they’re just simply him venting after watching cable news."

During Monday's edition of New Day, two guests took turns ripping the Trump Administration. Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin referred to the Trump Administration's idea to privatize the VA as "silliness" while Brian Karem referred to the President as "unhinged" and "unpresidential." Guest co-host John Avlon briefly joined the anti-Trump crusade, describing the idea of the President taking action based on "things he sees on TV" as "objectively troubling." 

During Monday's edition of New Day, a discussion ensued about President Trump's most recent "tweet storm" where he addressed the hot button issue of DACA. CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins said that the President's meetings with Fox News hosts over the weekend plus "hard-liner" Ann Coulter's "recent media tour calling Trump a disappointment" as the rationales for the tweet storm.

On Thursday’s edition of New Day, the co-hosts and political panel expressed doubts about Dr. Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

While interviewing former Senator Rick Santorum on Wednesday’s edition of New Day, co-host Chris Cuomo repeatedly accused evangelicals of hypocrisy for standing by President Trump in spite of the accusations of sexual misconduct and infidelity against him.

During an appearance on CNN's New Day Wednesday morning, Charisma Magazine Founder and CEO Stephen Strang called out the media's double standard when it comes to their coverage of the sex scandals surrounding President Trump versus their coverage of the sex scandals surrounding Democratic Presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

Since the announcement from the Commerce Department that the 2020 Census questionnaire will include a question asking participants whether or not they are citizens, the hosts and guests of CNN's New Day have been working overtime to try and convince Americans that this proposal is racist. CNN Political Analyst John Avlon argued that the change is "designed to drive down participation and benefit Republicans politically."

To watch CNN's Anderson Cooper’s interview with Stormy Daniels on CBS’s 60 Minutes, CNN reporter Randi Kaye convened a group of Trump-supporting women as they watched the interview on TV. All of the women did not believe Stormy Daniels when she said that she had a sexual encounter with President Trump in 2006. Cooper discussed Kaye's package with his political panel on Monday’s edition of Anderson Cooper 360 and they referred to the women as “hypocrites,” accusing them of living in a "beautiful bubble."

During Monday's edition of Wolf, CNN took a break from its wall-to-wall coverage on the Stormy Daniels saga to report that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke feels that "diversity is not important," instead preferring to put "the right person in the right job so that he can get the best people."

During an interview with former Fox News host Eric Bolling on Sunday, CNN's Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter posed a number of leading questions to the former co-host of The Five, asking him if he thought "Fox is now a propaganda machine," if he was "ever embarrassed" to work there, and attempting to justify White House leaks against an "erratic" and "dangerous" Donald Trump.

During Wednesday’s edition of Inside Politics, host John King mocked President Trump for a series of spelling errors in two early morning tweets and suggested that “the President of the United States needs supervision.”

While discussing the latest controversies surrounding alleged sexual misconduct by President Trump on Wednesday's edition of New Day, lawyer Nancy Smith used her platform to go after evangelicals for wanting "to tell gay people they can't have rights based on their religion" and preventing "women from making private medical decisions." 

During an appearance on CNN's New Day Wednesday morning, Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey criticized President Trump for often congratulating "leaders who are not democratically elected" and cast doubt on the President's desire to have a positive relationship with Russia, suggesting the Special Counsel's indictment of Russian nationals and organizations for interfering in the 2016 presidential election created an appearance of impropriety. 

During a Monday night interview with Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz (Fla.), CNN's AC360 host Anderson Cooper dismissed the idea of a "secret society" within the FBI, arguing that the text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page alleging the existence of such a society were "lighthearted." When Gaetz suggested that an "informal cabal" committed to taking down President Trump may actually exist, Cooper dismissed Gaetz’s premise: "that sounds like a massive conspiracy theory."

During Monday's edition of Anderson Cooper 360, two major players in the Watergate investigation drew parallels between the Russia investigation and the scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon, arguing that "Trump is Nixon on steroids and stilts" and warning of a "constitutional crisis."

As Chris Cuomo, co-host of CNN's New Day, complained about President Trump's response to Russia's involvement in the poisoning of a former Russian spy residing in the UK, his guest, left-leaning Independent Senator Angus King told him "I think you're being a little hard." King, who caucuses with the Democrats and supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, is not normally known for defending President Trump.

During Thursday's edition of CNN’s New Day, political analyst Brian Karem compared the White House to a "dysfunctional day care center." The Playboy magazine correspondent made the comparison after co-host Alisyn Camerota brought up the “game of musical chairs” at the White House, consisting of the actual impending transfer of the CIA Director to the State Department and wild speculation about more potential cabinet shake-ups to come.