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Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014. More here about Noel's contributions to NewsBusters and tributes to him upon his passing.

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New York sportswriter Mike Lupica Monday went on a full-frontal assault of Tea Party members, Sarah Palin, and every American currently voicing dissent about the direction of the nation.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Lupica has been a highly-regarded sportswriter for decades, and regularly shows his brash, New York outspokenness on ESPN's weekly program "The Sports Reporters."

Of late, he has been publishing a political column at the News called "Mondays with Mike," a feature that even the left-leaning Wikipedia described as "strongly liberal in orientation."

This Monday, Lupica's column clearly fit that description (h/t Cubachi):

What's the likelihood of an EXTREMELY liberal media outlet publishing an article about firearm related homicides declining while permits to carry concealed weapons increase?

About as likely as Keith Olbermann saying something nice about Sarah Palin, right?

Well, on Wednesday, actually published a piece with the following shocking headline:

Shhh. Wait. It got better (h/t CNSNews via Weasel Zippers):

Conservative author Ann Coulter found herself embroiled in controversy last week after she spoke at a Canadian university.

According to numerous American media outlets, when asked by a seventeen-year-old Muslim student at the University of Western Ontario last Monday, "[S]ince I don't have a magic carpet, what other modes [of transportation] do you suggest," Coulter responded, "Take a camel."

What the Coulter-hating media ignored is that she spent almost two full minutes giving a rather thoughtful, fact-based answer to the first, more serious part of Fatima Al-Dhaher's question, and was badgered by others in the crowd who clearly didn't like her response.

At that point, Coulter heckled the hecklers (video embedded below the fold with rough transcript due to sound quality):

Did you know that the Obama administration owns stock in beleaguered financial giant Citigroup NOT the taxpayers?

You might have gotten that impression from a Washington Post article published Saturday.

Take a look at the second paragraph of David Cho's piece on speculation that there's an imminent stock transaction about to transpire involving Citigroup and the federal government (h/t NBer armyfool1):

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour on Sunday said that since healthcare reform legislation passed a week ago, the liberal media have given the Obama administration the longest wet kiss in political history.

After ABC's Jake Tapper hosting "This Week" asked the Governor about a new Washington Post poll finding Democrats have become a little more popular since the bill passed, Barbour replied, "I am surprised that the, the numbers in the Washington Post poll weren't better."

He marvelously continued, "I mean since this thing passed last weekend, we've been seeing the longest wet kiss in political history given to the Obama administration by the liberal media league, and every day it goes by it gets sloppier" (video embedded below the fold with transcript, relevant section at 8:13):

UPDATE AT END OF POST: CBS's Bob Schieffer asked DNC Chairman Tim Kaine about this issue.

On Saturday, NewsBusters asked if journalists should find it interesting that President Obama's campaign arm is using alleged death threats against Democrats as a vehicle to raise funds to defend newly enacted healthcare legislation.

On Sunday, ABC's Jake Tapper was up to the challenge not only addressing this issue on "This Week," but doing so with his guest White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

After reading the text of the solicitation that was posted at the Organizing for America website earlier in the week, Tapper asked, "[I]s it appropriate for Democrats to try to raise money off of those threats?" (video embedded below the fold with transcript, relevant section at 5:50):

As so-called journalists across the fruited plain hyperventilate about alleged death threats and future acts of violence they claim are being stoked by "hate speech" from the Right, they are conveniently ignoring how the Left behaved in this country when George W. Bush was in the White House.

Case in point: the violent protests that occurred at the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

John Hinderaker's marvelous piece on this subject published at Power Line Saturday should be must-reading for conveniently amnesiac media members who suddenly think civil disobedience is racist:

In the same week Democrats forced unwanted healthcare reform down America's throat, internal documents surfaced across the Pond showing plans for massive budget cuts at Great Britain's National Health Service.

"The sick would be urged to stay at home and email doctors rather than visit surgeries, while procedures such as hip replacements could be scrapped," the Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

"Documents show that health chiefs are considering plans to begin sacking workers, cutting treatments and shutting wards across the country."

The Telegraph said such cuts would lead to (h/t Weasel Zippers):

"Red Eye" host Greg Gutfeld on Saturday said the media's response to the nation's anger over healthcare reform was totally predictable.

"I've been down this road so many times I could navigate it blindfolded and covered in peanut butter," Gutfeld marvelously wrote at his blog.

"It goes like this: for the media, anger is only okay if its targets meet their stereotypical, romanticized criteria. Meaning: the corporation, the conservative, the daddy who never loved them."

Gutfeld then marvelously offered "a list of people doing angry things the media is okay with" (h/t Glenn Reynolds):

President Obama's campaign group Organizing for America is using alleged death threats against Democrats in Congress to raise money for its efforts to get the public to support the unpopular healthcare reform bill signed into law this week.

As Obama-lovers in the media hyperventilate over every incident they believe confirms their most derogatory view of Tea Party members and anyone voicing opposition to what's happening in the United States, will they give attention to the fact that the White House is using the publicity as a fundraising vehicle?

Consider that question as you read the following posting by OFA Director Mitch Stewart (h/t Cubachi):

As the mainstream media hyperventilate over what is now regularly being referred to as rightwing hate speak, liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy Friday actually called for conservative talkers Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly to commit suicide.

"You rat bastards are going to cause another Murrah federal building explosion," said Malloy. "[M]aybe at that point Beck will do the honorable thing and blow his brains out."

He disgustingly continued, "Maybe at that point, Limbaugh will do the honorable thing and just gobble up enough - enough Viagra that he becomes absolutely rigid and keels over dead."

And continued, "Maybe then O'Reilly will just drink a vat of that poison he spews out on America every night and choke to death" (YouTube audio embedded below the fold, h/t Brian Maloney):

Joy Behar on Thursday night said she was very excited to be in the "I Hate Glenn Beck" club.

For those that missed it, the Fox News host Wednesday presented for his viewers a "fantastic list of people who hate [his] guts. This is kind of a Beck-hating hall of fame."

Not surprisingly, Behar was on it, which led her to bring it up with her guest Ann Coulter the following evening.

"[L]ast night Glenn Beck -- your friend Glenn Beck -- that other nut job, he unveiled the 'I hate Glenn Beck Club,' and guess who is a member?" she asked.

When Coulter responded, "You," Behar replied, "I`m so excited. This is -- this is like being on Nixon`s enemies list...I`m so happy you can`t even imagine" (video embedded below the fold with transcript, relevant section at 2:30): 

The folks at Fox News's late night hit "Red Eye" used Robot Theater on Thursday to rip director James Cameron for his recent attacks on Glenn Beck and global warming skeptics.

As NewsBusters reported Wednesday, Cameron during the previous day's press conference called the Fox News host "a f**king a**hole" while also stating, "Anybody that is a global warming denier at this point in time has got their head so deeply up their a** I'm not sure they could hear me."

With this in mind, the Red Eye robots envisioned a conversation between Cameron and "Avatar" producer Jon Landau concerning these issues (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript):

"Many of [Hugo] Chavez’s most ardent supporters here in the U.S. come out of the 'media reform' movement, which believes that our corporate media has been thoroughly co-opted by capitalists bent on destroying the benevolent leadership of the likes of Chavez. They think that our capitalist-plagued media world is in dire need of reform."

So ominously wrote Steve Forbes Wednesday in an article guaranteed to make right-thinking Americans from coast to coast wonder what's next in the Left's plans to control the press.

Readers are advised to fasten their seatbelts tightly for what Forbes presaged is guaranteed to scare the heck of you (h/t Glenn Reynolds):

PBS's Jim Lehrer on Tuesday wrongly accused Republicans of always being against major social legislation in this country including the Civil Rights Act, Social Security, and Medicare.

"[T]hrough history, recent history in particular, Republicans have opposed things like Social Security, Medicare, even civil rights legislation, but then, once they lost, they took some deep breaths and moved on, and then finally ended up embracing many of these major changes in -- in laws and in the way we do business here," the News Hour host amazingly said to his guest Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.).

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and Kyl quickly corrected Lehrer (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript and commentary, relevant section at 4:40, h/t Cubachi):

The upcoming May issue of Mad magazine features a picture of Alfred E. Neuman wearing a t-shirt that used to say "I Love Obama" with love designated by a heart.

Somewhat surprisingly, the fictitious Neuman, holding a magic marker, has added the letters "ed" after the heart to make the t-shirt read "I Loved Obama."

As Glenn Reynolds marvelously noted Wednesday, "When you've lost Mad magazine..." (larger picture below the fold, h/t Transterrestrial Musings):

A black conservative author took on MSNBC's David Shuster Wednesday concerning the consistent media charge that Tea Party members are racists.

Shuster asked guest Kevin Jackson if the recent allegations of supposed racist activity at healthcare reform protests on Capitol Hill this weekend, as well as vandalism at the offices of some Democrat members of Congress, were proof that right-wing rhetoric was getting out of hand.

"Well, I've been to many Tea Parties around the country, and I've yet to see anybody, any real violence towards anybody," said Jackson. "So, I think it's a bit overstated."

When Shuster asked if Jackson had been at the Capitol Saturday when members of the Democratic Black Caucus were supposedly "greeted with derogatory racial slurs," he calmly responded, "Wasn't there for that, but saw the video about it, and determined that a lot of what they were saying had happened actually hadn't occurred" (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript and commentary, h/t NB reader Thomas Campbell):

Vice President Joe Biden was caught telling President Obama at Tuesday's healthcare reform bill signing, "This is a big f**king deal."

Although this didn't get a huge amount of attention from most mainstream media outlets, the folks at CNN were all over the story covering it many times throughout the day.

One of the network's most prominent hosts, Larry King, addressed Biden's vulgarity with his guests Tuesday evening.

Actor Stephen Baldwin responded, "Larry, the Bible says, 'Out of the mouth comes the things that are within our heart.' So I'm not surprised that the vice president's a potty mouth."

He continued, "And quite frankly, I think it's official today, Barack Obama is the greatest gangster to ever come out of Chicago" (video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t PoliJam):

On the day after the historic healthcare reform vote in the House of Representatives, CNN's Rick Sanchez decided to use his interview with Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) to bash former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

After spending a few minutes getting the outspoken Floridian's views of what happened in the House Sunday, Sanchez moved on to what he and his producers must have felt was a more important topic: "Let me ask you about something that just went on between you and Sarah Palin. You got into a little bit of a scuffle recently."

Moments later, Sanchez said, "Well, you came back and you called her a 'Alaskan dingbat.' Did you really say that?" (video embedded below the fold with transcript):

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said Sunday that Americans saw the Constitution burned by Democrats as the current Party in power rammed through healthcare reform legislation the citizens clearly said they didn't want.

Speaking to Fox News's Geraldo Rivera after the historic vote, the man formerly known as "The Hammer" said, "Not only did they not listen to the American people, they shredded and trashed the Constitution and then stood there on the floor of the House and lied to the American people."

Despite what fawning and gushing liberal media members have and will continue reporting concerning what happened in our nation's capital Sunday, DeLay spoke the really inconvenient truth that might haunt this country for generations, "You saw the Constitution burned by the Democrats in the House of Representatives tonight" (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript, h/t PoliJam):