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Nick grew up in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. He graduated from Binghamton University in 2013 with a degree in Political Science. While at Binghamton he served as the Speaker of the Student Assembly and wrote for the Binghamton Review, where his love for journalism started. After graduating, he interned at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity where he worked with Watchdog Arena. Between the months of September and December, he can be found every Sunday cheering on his New York J! E! T! S! Jets Jets Jets!

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NBC apparently assumed the role of sore loser Wednesday on NBC Nightly News, as they pulled out all the stops in an attempt to smear President-Elect Donald Trump. First, they stoked the liberal anxiety that Trump would join the ranks of the world’s most deplorable despots, before moving on to assert that the America that elected Trump was not welcoming to minorities. “While Donald Trump's many supporters are basking in his victory, many others woke up this morning feeling disillusioned by the headlines,” sulked anchor Lester Holt. 

During the first half of their extended post-election coverage Wednesday evening, NBC Nightly News seemed to be setting the ground work for four years of a President Donald Trump all while stoking the left’s anxieties. “There were gasps around the world. Headlines, ‘Trumpocalypse’ and ‘Disunited States’” hyped NBC’s Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel as he delved into the ridiculous, “But there are deeper concerns tonight that the world's shining light of democracy has gone dark.”

With Donald Trump defying the liberal media’s expectations and dismantling Hillary Clinton’s Rust Belt “firewall,” Stephen Colbert began to freak out live on The Late Show Tuesday evening. “You don't need to stand for me. You don’t need to chant my name, America doesn't have dictators… yet,” he quipped. Colbert chatted with the audience about how nice it is that the election was coming to an end, but his frustrations seemed to be riding high as he took them out on Trump’s supporters.

As Election Tuesday marched, the stability of Hillary Clinton’s Rust Belt “fire wall” defense was clearly in doubt. As Ohio fell to Trump, and Michigan and Wisconsin poised to do the same, CNN’s Jake Tapper admitted that the experts obviously missed something. “We still don't know what's going to happen in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or New Hampshire,” he explained to his colleagues, “But Donald Trump is competitive in all four of them, and it is entirely possible that -- that there is a wave out there that the pollsters and the predictors and all the vote modelers did not see coming at all.”

Minutes after the first polls closed on election night Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos kicked it over to ABC’s “former leader” Charlie Gibson for his take on the election. After poking fun at the former ABC anchor for how long he had been cover politics, Gibson let it all out.  “You know, what's dismaying, George, … I haven't seen much majesty in this campaign,” he whined to Stephanopoulos.

According to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Monday’s Hardball, the election is already over and Hillary Clinton is the winner. And knowing that going to the polls on Election Day how can a woman possibly vote for Donald Trump and not be a part of making history, he wondered to his all liberal panel. Matthew’s argument sounded more like he was talking down to and trying shame women into vote for Hillary Clinton. 

With the polls closing in roughly 24 hours NBC News took it upon themselves, during Monday’s NBC Nightly News, to tout how Republicans have been losing the support of Latino voters over the years. Reporter Gabe Gutierrez seemed to mock GOP nominee Donald Trump for claiming he would do well with the Latino community. “Among Latinos, Hillary Clinton leads him by 45 percentage points,” he reported, “Since winning the White House in 2004, the GOP has lost more Hispanic support each election cycle.” 

CNN’s Brian Stelter, who once called the idea of liberal media bias “false” and “Ludicrous,” set his sights on Fox News during his Sunday show Reliable Sources and chastised the news outlet for daring to report on occurrences of voter fraud. “Let's look at Fox News from yesterday morning. This disturbed me,” Stelter told his guest Ari Berman from the leftist publication The Nation, “The banner says "Running rampant," the clear implication here is that voter fraud is happening all over the place, all the time.” 

With Election Day just two days away, both ABC and NBC seemingly continued to try to slow Hillary Clinton’s descent in the polls, Sunday, by downplaying all the talk surrounding multiple FBI investigations into her activities. On ABC's This Week, Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos tried to shutdown such talk from Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus by flippantly declaring, “You're just throwing out a lot of words there.” 

Late Saturday evening, a Donald Trump rally was disrupted as a cry of “gun” caused the Secret Service to leap into action and whisked the candidate away, while the crowd and officers subdued the suspected individual. Austyn Crites was the individual in question but no firearm was located, but he did have a “Republicans Against Trump” sign. With the recent video evidence of Democrats paying to disrupt Trump rallies the incident is suspect, but not to CNN anchor Victor Blackwell and commentator Hilary Rosen who flat out rejected the idea with little evidence. 

A solid 24 hours after Fox News reported the massive bombshell that the FBI was pursuing a criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation, the liberal “Big Three” networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) were scrambling to defend Clinton Thursday evening. While failing to report the news at all that same morning, CBS and NBC claimed that it was a crazy lie Donald Trump was telling his supporters, while ABC and the Spanish-language networks censored the story entirely. 

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin took up her shift in the liberal media’s campaign to discredit Fox News’ bombshell report detailing the extent of the FBI’s investigation in Hillary Clinton, during Thursday’s CNN Newsroom’s three o’clock hour. “For the Clinton campaign, the headache is not going away here,” Baldwin whined, “Donald Trump wasted no time at a rally this afternoon bringing up the Clinton Foundation woes.” But that’s small potatoes compared to her panelist David Gergen who demanded that agents should be fired leaking to Fox News. 

With the Republican controlled Senate hanging in the balance this election cycle, NBC turned up the heat against GOP candidates in tight races on Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News. One of the largest influences the Senate would have for the new president is the confirmation of Supreme Court justices. “There are many races currently polling within the margin of error,” announced Anchor Lester Holt as his colleague Hallie Jackson tried to tip the scales in favor of Democrats.  

With the advent of many polls showing a tightening race in key battleground states as Election Day comes into view, ABC and NBC both started of their evening news casts Wednesday by glorifying Hillary Clinton’s surrogates on the campaign trail. “Clinton boarding that cross-country flight, knowing her squad of surrogates is swarming the battlegrounds,” hyped ABC’s Cecilia Vega on World News Tonight, “In North Carolina, long lines. People waiting hours to see President Obama.”

With Election Day just a week away the liberal media seems to be stepping up their get out the vote effort for the Hillary Clinton campaign. One of the clearest examples of this was CBS Anchor Scott Pelley fretting about a low turnout for the African American vote in key swing states. “African Americans could tip the balance in battleground states, especially in Florida and here in Ohio if they turn out for Clinton as strongly as they did for President Obama,” explained Pelley during CBS Evening News Tuesday. 

In the wake of the FBI’s announcement on Friday, that they discovered new e-mails possibly pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s private server, the liberal networks have taken every opportunity to slam FBI Director James Comey and cast doubt on his investigation. It was the exact same thing on Monday as ABC, CBS, and NBC joined the “chorus” of Democrats criticizing the FBI Director.

CNN parted ways with commentator and Interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile Monday, as yet another batch of damaging e-mails was released by WikiLeaks. According to the e-mails Brazile told Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chair, John Podesta, that she sometimes acquired access to debate questions and that she’ll “send a few more.” Both CBS and NBC covered to the developing controversy, while ABC kept it off the air. It’s not surprising since she is also one of their commentators and they still have her on leave.

Following the recent discovery of e-mails, possibly pertinent to the Hillary Clinton private server investigation on a device belonging to Anthony Weiner, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress Friday to inform them. Beyond the waves that the letter created, it appears to have left NBC’s reporter and Clinton super-fan Andrea Mitchell distraught. She lashed out on Sunday's Meet the Press: “The fact is, he [Comey] could have said, ‘This is not an investigation. This is just finding out.’ He could have said, ‘There’s nothing criminal here.’”

With the election fast approaching, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has stepped up his call for his supporters to become poll watchers to watch for, and document, illegal activity. He even has set up a page on his website for people to sign up. But MSNBC’s Al Sharpton has had it with Trump’s call for poll-watchers, claiming they are there to intimidate minorities. “How concerned are you about voter intimidation tactics in this election,” he asked Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, as he warned about militias backing Trump. 

With Halloween just a few short days away, and Election Day 12 days away, NBC Nightly News thought it would be fun to show off of a series of “spooky” house decorations. They weren’t any old Halloween decorations, “Many neighbors are decorating their homes this year to make a political statement. And it is giving a whole new meaning to election scare tactics,” joked NBC Anchor Lester Holt. But the main focus of their report was a yard dedicated to slamming GOP nominee Donald Trump.