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MRC Latino Contributing Analyst

Originally from Peru, Miguel Prado is a veteran financier and diplomat. A naturalized U.S. citizen, in 1996 he ran for Congress as the Republican challenger to Rep. Nydia Velázquez. He currently lives in Middleburg, Virginia.

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Trump’s approval rating among Latinos has hit 50%, as I wrote it would nearly three years ago, in March of 2016. His approval rating could go on to surpass even this marker by addressing the border crisis at its source. This would be a disruptive, transformational development for all of Latin America.

Trump puede ganar más del 50% del voto latino si se convierte en el patrón. Su tema constante de que él se hará cargo de las cosas realmente suena bien entre los latinos. 

Trump can win over 50% of the Latino vote by becoming the Patrón, the Boss. His constant theme that he will take care of things really does resonate with Latinos. 

Now that the initial shock of Dr. Dave Brat’s primary victory over outgoing House Minority Leader Eric Cantor has passed us by a bit, it is time to look at it for what it really is.  

First off, it is only a primary victory. There is still the general election. And you can be sure the Left and their allies are now as busy as ever, plotting and sneaking and doing all sorts of devilry to send the good doctor back to the woodpile where he belongs.