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Topics in this episode: NewsBusted hits #1 comedy video, Clinton and Obama discuss teaming up, moviegoers report dizziness from "Cloverfield," Bill and Hillary Clinton injecting race into campaign, Britney Spears news coverage adds $120 mil to economy.

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Speaking at a news conference in Oklahoma, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee floated the idea that the reason the vast majority of America's conservative talk radio hosts aren't endorsing him or John McCain is because Mitt Romney's investment firm owns a significant share of Clear Channel Communications, the nation's largest radio syndication company.

"Some suggest that the fact that Bain Capital owns a major stake in Clear Channel is on Sean's network, maybe there's a correlation. I don't know."

The Sean he was referring to had to be none other than Sean Hannity, America's number-two talk radio host behind Rush Limbaugh.

Will the Writers Guild of America strike end soon? Possibly:

Informal talks between representatives of Hollywood’s striking writers and production companies have eliminated the major roadblocks to a new contract, which could lead to a tentative agreement as early as next week, according to people who were briefed on the situation but requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak.

A deal would end a crippling writers strike that is now entering its fourth month.

The agreement may come without renewed formal negotiations between the television and movie writers and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, though both sides still need to agree on specific language of key provisions.

Today's starter: Anyone in the San Francisco area able to get a scan of today's Chronicle? The front page (according to an on-the-road Noel Sheppard) has a perfect liberal media moment with a large story about how global warming will make for less snow.

Meanwhile, right next to it is a story about increased snow levels in the Sierra Nevada mountains this year.

Topics in this episode: Obama accuses Clinton of saying anything to win, China shuts down 44,000 porn websites, Hillary has trouble taming Bill, and the UN starts making movies.

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We're raising our glasses here at NB today. The current episode of "NewsBusted" has become YouTube's #1 watched video of the day! Over 380,000 people have tuned in.

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I mentioned earlier how whenever one of our "NewsBusted" episodes gets especially popular on YouTube, it inevitably attracts left-wing haters who simply can't take the joke being on them. It's pretty much axiomatic. Popular "NewsBusted" creates angry liberals.

Read past the jump for some of the vile stuff the hate-filled left is saying about the current "NewsBusted" episode now that it's the #1 comedy video on all of YouTube and #4 in all categories:

Topics in this show: John McCain and Hillary Clinton get endorsements from New York Times, Bill Clinton falls asleep during MLK speech, Kucinich and Thompson drop out of presidential race, Britney Spears vs. the paparazzi.

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Despite its best efforts, the New York Times Company continues to find itself plagued by wave after wave of investor complaints spurred on by the fact that the company's shares have fallen from near $50 to just under $16 since 2004.

First it was Morgan Stanley's audacious attempt to end the Times's dual-class share system which enables the radical leftist Sulzberger family to continue running the paper into the ground by giving it almost-exclusive control of the NYT Co.'s board of directors. Now comes news that two large Times investors are nominating their own members of the company's board, without prior approval from Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger:

Despite their rants and raves about being America being scared and lied into Iraq, the media elites do more than their share of fearmongering. On no issue is this more apparent than the subject of the environment where "savvy" and "impartial" journalists act like modern-day inquisitors to defame anyone who dares question the prevailing leftish orthodoxy on the earth's temperature.

Not everyone on the media left is marching in lockstep on the issue, however. One such dissident is Alexander Cockburn, a former columnist for the Nation who has experienced nothing but hatred from the "tolerant" left for thinking for himself:

It's Friday which means it's time for another episode of our comedy webcast "NewsBusted." Topics in this episode: Liberal groups fail to force a withdrawal from Iraq, Nancy Pelosi's gourmet food, a new FAA report, plus Wesley Snipes and the Oscars (two nouns you'll never hear together again).

The Republican presidential candidates will be debating tonight in Florida. The event is hosted by MSNBC, click here to watch it online. Discuss the debate here or in the live chat.

Thankfully the Matthews-Olbermann moonbat brigade is not moderating tonight: Brian Williams and Tim Russert are.

Everyone hates Mitt Romney. You should too. Why? Because, among the Republican presidential candidates, he's the most disliked.

This extremely sound bit of reasoning comes in today's edition of the New York Times courtesy of reporter Michael Luo whose evidence that the other candidates think this is based on some good old-fashioned arm-chair psychology. Let's take a look:

After making a long string of anti-Christian remarks, ESPN host Dana Jacobson is getting only a one-week suspension. Lucky for her she didn't say something about Mohammed or another member of the left's "protected class:"

Sources have confirmed that Jacobson, a co-host of "First Take" on ESPN2, currently is serving a one-week suspension because of her behavior at a Jan. 11 roast for ESPN Radio personalities Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic at Atlantic City, N.J.

One of the refreshing things about the contest this year on the Democratic side is that we are finally seeing the Clintons receive the scrutiny that they ought to have had during the time Bill Clinton was running and serving as president.

Of course, much of the critiques you'll hear are about Hillary Clinton not being sufficiently leftish. Not all are of this nature, though. Under an increasingly unfair barrage of attacks from Bill Clinton, Barack Obama has finally begun to speak out. In the process, as the Wall Street Journal notes today, Obama's lent credibility (at least in the minds of liberal reporters who never believed the conservatives who've said the same all along) to the charges that the Clintons get away with things that would be considered unacceptable for anyone else:

Topics in this episode: Democrats' race war in '08 primaries, Romney takes Nevada, MSNBC acknowledges moonbat Keith Olbermann's influence, the new Rambo movie, and more!

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A thread and a chat for those wishing to discuss the primary news of the day.

Nevada news has already come in with Clinton and Romney winning the less-contested state. South Carolina still waiting...

Update 22:09. McCain wins it. Or is it just that the anti-McCain vote was divided?

It's funny. Any time one of our "NewsBusted" episodes gets popular, it inevitably attracts the attention of liberals who can't stand the idea of anyone making fun of the left. After all, anyone who makes fun of liberals is hate-filled, intolerant and must be stopped at all costs.

It's Friday which means another episode of our comedy webcast "NewsBusted!" Topics in this show include rumors of Mike Bloomberg entering the presidential race, insane allegations about Halliburton assassinating Barack Obama, and Hannah Montana's body double.

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As a conservative media critic, I often hear liberal journalists say that the reason there aren't more libertarians or conservatives in the media is simply because lefties are more interested in news writing and opinioneering than righties. They are quite quick to deny there is any kind of discrimination--despite the experiences of Susan Molinari at CBS, Ben Domenech at the Washington Post and pretty much any right-leaning journalist in the business who doesn't make a habit of bashing Republicans like Pat Buchanan.

This pattern of vitriolic anger and rage at the temerity of a right-winger daring to venture into the left's inner sanctum of the press is once again on display with the New York Times's recent hiring of Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol to be a columnist. Things have gotten so out of control that even the paper's public editor (aka public fig leaf) is protesting the hire. As before, inevitably, leftish reporters and editors are raising objections about the slightest thing. In Kristol's case, as Gabriel Schoenfeld writes (h/t Power Line), Times public editor Clark Hoyt is straining at a comment he made during an appearance on Fox News Channel: