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Hours after New York blogger Christian Browne wrote on his blog, “The New York Conservative,” that 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be quickly executed, Google shut down his blog, which was hosted on Google's free Blogger service.

While the blog – including the post that appears to have triggered its deletion – have since been restored, the circumstances of its deletion by Google remain murky – and raise a serious issue both for Google and for conservatives who use the web to spread conservative ideas and messages.

Today's starter topic: What are the political implications of President Obama revealing his support for gay marriage? In terms of fund-raising, it appears that it will be helpful to him. Former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel declared that "gays are the next Jews of fundraising" and it's well-known by now how many rich gay Democrats have witheld financial support from Obama in protest of their idea that he hasn't done enough for them.

Outside of the money game, Obama's revelation of his long-held position in favor of gay marriage legalization isn't likely to be as helpful to him or Democrats generally. Democratic senators up for reelection have already distanced themselves from Obama's pronouncement. North Carolina, a state which had voted for Obama in 2008, just last week passed an amendment to its constitution banning gay marriage.

Color me confused.

The media are fixated today on something Mitt Romney did way back in high school, almost 50 years go, and is hyping it as evidence that he's a gay-bashing bully or something (even though the actual facts of what happened nearly 50 years ago are very much in dispute.)

But on the other side of the election campaign, there's a candidate who -- admittedly -- assaulted a girl on the playground in school, then used cocaine in college and hung out with fellow druggies who had a penchant for violence.

Richard Nixon was roundly declaimed by the liberal press for creating an "enemies list" of private citizens, focusing some of the power of the American executive to bear on individuals. While Nixon's enemy list was private, Barack Obama's list is public. Besides being singled out by the president and his team, Obama's "enemies," mere large-dollar donors to Republicans, are being harassed by liberal activists, pundits, and Democratic Party operatives.

The Wall Street Journal's Kimberley Strassel takes a good look at just one individual, Frank VanderSloot, who has been singled out by the liberal smear machine for daring to support Mitt Romney:

You've probably already heard about how reforming Wisconsin governor Scott Walker managed to get more votes than his top two Democratic challengers in that state's primary. What you may not know is the reason why: The state is booming contrary to the dire predictions of the union bosses who swore that Walker's reforms would destroy the Badger State. Walker's choice to reform and cut the budget instead of raise taxes has proved for a perfect contrast with neighboring Illinois which did the very opposite, with poor results:

Does Alex Trebek owe Republicans equal time on his Jeopardy! game show? Answer: Yes, the show has become overrun by Democratic politicians and is only going to get even more politically imbalanced in the days to come.

Last week and this week, the popular game show, in which contestants are given clues and must provide the answer in the form of a question, has been presenting its annual "Teen Tournament" shows with young Americans as contestants -- and First Lady Michelle Obama presenting some of the clues. The show is being broadcast from Washington DC during the Teen Tournament.

In today's Wall Street Journal, top economist Robert Barro has an important essay on why so-called "stimulus" spending really is a drag on economies. It's must-reading for anyone opposed in principle to wasteful liberal spending passed off as some magic Keynesian pill:

After vice president Joe Biden stated that he supported gay marriage and provoked a media and public firestorm, President Obama just moments ago made it official that he supports the idea as well.

Do you see his announcement as having any bearing on the presidential election due to black or Hispanic socially conservative Democrats being disenchanted with Obama or would such individuals vote Obama anyway?

The liberal press clearly are going to be positively beside themselves over the announcement as well so stay tuned for some particularly egregious media bias.

The Obama Palace Guard is waging a losing battle to suppress the truth in a new ad from Americans for Prosperity, which explains how more than $2 billion in “stimulus” money went to foreign companies.

The “Wasteful Spending” ad, airing in 8 states with a media buy of $6.1 million, has also drawn criticism from the self-styled arbiters of political truth at the Washington Post.

You can imagine why: Obama promised the “stimulus” would “create or save” millions of American jobs, but with election day now less than six months away and millions more Americans jobless than before Obama took office, an ad questioning why Obama sent tax dollars to foreign companies really undermines the  campaign's efforts to distract people.

(Note to commenters: This post is the first one on NB which uses Disqus for commenting purposes.) While liberals have been waxing rapsodic about Greece and France voting for wasteful socialism, conservatives last night have two victories to be crowing about in Wisconsin and Indiana.

In Wisconsin, government reformer Scott Walker received more votes in the GOP primary than his Democratic challengers did in their primary. In addition, the greedy government employee unions' hand-picked candidate, Kathleen Falk, went down in defeat.

While its leftist critics continually ignore them, Fox News Channel employs a number of liberal commentators. Unfortunately, it is continuing to stand by one of them, Democratic strategist Jehmu Greene, who insulted Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson as a “bow-tying white boy.”

Greene, former national director of the liberal group Project Vote, made the insult during a debate with Carlson on last Thursday’s “America Live” show and has since apologized privately, however in an interview with Accuracy in Media, the network did not indicate that Greene would face further repercussions for her racist outburst.

Wisconsin Republican Scott Walker has been the target of government union bosses since he began talking about a series of small reforms designed to preserve state employee pensions without breaking the budget. Despite the crony millions being spent, however, Walker seems likely to be able to stave off the union attempt to depose him in a recall election.

That likelihood is perhaps what inspired AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka to lower expectations and already proclaim "victory," even if Walker is not defeated.

Rush Limbaugh is wondering if the Left is going to try to ban football.

It sounds like a crazy question, given the massive popularity of both professional and college football all across America, but Limbaugh's question isn't as crazy as it seems. "Compassion" -- and the Left's reflexive Nanny State impulse -- might move the ball in that direction.

As you've probably heard by now, President Obama has admitted to fabricating a woman in one of his two autobiographies. Apparently, he's had a hand in fabricating another woman, a hypothetical one named "Julia," who supposedly is representative of just how helpful his policies are to women:

Ann Coulter is fond of pointing out how, attitudinally, Fox News is different from the rest of the American media. Sure, the non-Fox media are dominated by people who lean leftward, but beyond that, how they approach the news that is beyond the daily partisan talking points is also fundamentally different from what moderates or conservatives would do.

This aspect of liberal bias is probably hardest for liberal journalists to detect because it requires a degree of perspective that most lack. Outside observers can see it and have no problem pointing it out. What's interesting is that even members of Al Qaeda can see that Fox is different from the rest of the American press. That is not a good thing for the Non-Fox Media, however.

It happened yesterday but still big news today is the exit of presidential candidate Newt Gingrich who announced that he is ending his campaign for the Republican nomination.

Now that he's out, what are your thoughts on his campaign? Do you think he ran it as well as he could have? What major flaws or mistakes did he make in your mind that prevented him from winning the GOP nomination? Do you feel like his candidacy will have an impact on the general election? Sound off on this and any other topic you'd like right here.

They've tried and failed repeatedly to install the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" as a means of using the government to silence conservatives, now a George Soros-connected "ethics" group is taking another route to censorship.

The Hill reports that Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington is asking the Federal Communications to cancel Fox's broadcasting licenses in the United States because of the phone hacking scandal involving a newspaper owned by a sister company utterly separate from it in the United Kingdom.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has now been formally exposed for lying about her knowledge of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques such as waterboarding by a new book from a former CIA counterterrorism officer who actually gave her a briefing about them.

In other words, Pelosi and other congressional Democrats who later decried the use of "torture" when it became politically advantageous, knew about and did not object to them for years beforehand:

The leaders of the plot to bomb an Ohio highway bridge are members of the "Occupy" movement, but you won't find that information in much of the mainstream media coverage of the story.

The FBI arrested five people in a federal sting operation in which FBI agents provided inoperable explosives to suspects allegedly intending to bomb a bridge about 15 miles south of Cleveland. The suspects, Douglas Wright, 26, Brandon Baxter, 20, and Anthony Hayne, 35, are described as self-proclaimed anarchists in a Justice Department statement. All three are connected to the Occupy Cleveland group.

Former Saturday Night Live star Jon Lovitz is learning the hard way that despite liberals' claims to love humor and comedy, they can't stand it when their own side is being criticized. The liberal comic is facing a huge amount of criticism on Twitter for taking exception to President Obama's continual assertions that wealthy Americans don't pay a "fair" amount of taxes.

While Lovitz has been bashed on Twitter, he clearly wasn't expecting to be accused of making some sort of violent threat against Obama. And yet that's exactly what happened last night on the HLN show Dr. Drew where the host, Drew Pinsky, seemed to genuinely believe that. Lovitz was clearly taken back by such a bizarre assertion, making for some very awkward television before a producer rescued Pinsky from embarrassment. Video and transcript below.