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Matthew earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Government (Politics and Policy) from Liberty University in May 2007 and earned his Masters of Arts in Government (American Government and Global Politics) from Regent University in December 2013.  A native of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, he now resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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It’s getting hot in here.

Hip Hop artists and rappers including Common, Ne-Yo, Karmin and Elle Varner collaborated on a new album that mixes hip hop with climate change alarmism and left-wing talking points. On Nov. 18, National Journal said four original tracks with environmental themes were released that day on the “HOME” EP. The full album from People’s Climate Music project will be released in December.

Common, Malik Yusef and Kumasi recorded one of those songs, “Trouble in the Water,” after a discussion of water pollution and drought, National Journal said. In the song he used several liberal talking points related to climate change. One of them was that hurricanes were related to global warming, “Through hurricanes, the pain is made audible.”

British comedian and actor Russell Brand is worth roughly $20 million and he’s also never voted. But that didn’t stop far-left Democracy Now! from seeking out his views on politics and income inequality.

Brand appeared on Democracy Now! Nov. 14, 2014, where he railed against the current U.S. and U.K. political systems and about income inequality as well as praised left-wing academic Noam Chomsky. He also promoted his new book, “Revolution.”

Host Amy Goodman lauded Brand who she claimed had “emerged as one of the most prominent voices of the British left.” She also proudly disclosed his work with the Occupy movement and noted that he marched with the “hacker collective Anonymous.”

“Interstellar” was a highly anticipated film, and one many liberals outlets expected to be the latest film to portray climate change as the cause of a dying Earth.

Writers at major news outlets like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, as well as distinctly left-wing websites like Grist, The Huffington Post, and Slate all connected Christopher Nolan’s latest film “Interstellar” to climate change or global warming before or after its release.

From national newspapers to niche publications, global warming routinely connected to ‘vague’ new Nolan film. 

Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio continued to use his celebrity and skills in film to promote climate change alarmism with a recent series of shorts. His view that fossil fuels were the driver and mankind was responsible for climate change was as obvious as it was predictable.

America ‘set the stage’ for Ebola outbreak with its ‘death-oriented spending priorities,’ Robert Hennelly claims.

With their latest project, Oscar-winning actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, will boldly go where they have gone before ... creating films that makes businesses the bad guys.

The Hollywood Reporter said on Oct. 13, they due will create “Incorporated” for SyFy. It will be a “a futuristic espionage thriller set in a world where corporations have seemingly unlimited power.”

To many people the Girl Scouts and cookies are synonymous, but liberal environmentalist and anti-obesity crusader Laurie David was unhappy with a recent announcement for Girl Scout branded, cookie-flavored milk drinks by Nestle.

Liberal environmental movie maker ‘Fed Up’ with Girl Scouts’ relationship with food company.

Editor’s note: Story contains graphic content and links to an explicit video.

Crude comedian Sarah Silverman is no stranger to politics and controversial topics. In her latest shock video, she weighed in on male/female pay disparity claiming she’s going to have a sex change because of the “vagina tax.”

Silverman joined the many lefties who complain about a pay gap between men and women and attribute it to discrimination without consideration for actual differences between individuals. Those claims have been largely discredited, but in her YouTube video, Silverman went into a doctor’s office to get a sex change so she can get paid as a man instead of a woman


Conservative filmmaker argues IRS scandals date back to agency’s inception, calls for Fair Tax.

Ignoring information contrary to the claims of climate alarmists. ABC, NBC, and CBS all aired stories on October 1 claiming large gatherings of walruses were the result of less ice and were connected to climate change.

On Huffington Post, vegan celebrity claims we can ‘save the humans’ from climate change by going vegan.

Author and columnist Naomi Klein is still having trouble getting her facts straight. This time, in an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” she tried to argue China is not a communist country, even though it is run by the Communist Party of China.

In that Sept. 24 interview, Klein was promoting her new book, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate.” She claimed that “we have an economic system that has essentially waged war” on the planet.

While touting her ‘Capitalism vs. The Climate’ book, Klein gets the facts wrong, again.