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The Leadership Conference of Women Religious begins its annual assembly today in Orlando. The group of Catholic nuns from various orders is certain to be considering a response to the Vatican’s finding that LCWR’s liberal activism strays from Church doctrine on a variety of issues.

But the sisters probably aren’t too worried. They have something the Vactican doesn’t – a friendly news media.

According to Christian News Service, a Christian group is petitioning Facebook to take down a vulgar anti-Christian page which suggests the Virgin Mary should have aborted Jesus. The page’s self-description claims to “explain what really happened in biblical times, since the bible is full of lies,” refers to Jesus as “rapist’s offspring” and accuses him of having “destroyed the planet and brainwashed millions.”

The question is: will Facebook respond by upholding it’s community standards and taking down the offensively anti-Christian page?

The Huffington Post wants to make Catholic colleges more gay. So, HuffPo Live hosted a segment called “Rainbows  for Catholic Colleges” on Thursday, and discussed how to undermine Catholic teaching and push the gay agenda on Catholic campuses. (Because Heaven forbid there be any institution left standing that hasn’t capitulated to postmodern morality.)

The panel included no traditional priests, not a single traditional Catholic student, and not even a straight Catholic layman.  Nope. Just three gay guys. There’s diversity for you.

As though there weren’t enough gay on TV already, ABC just hired gay screenwriter and LGBT activist Dustin Lance Black to write a new gay rights miniseries based on his life. The Hollywood Reporter announced that the new show is planned to be a “semi-autobiographical” drama “based on and told from Black’s background and experiences as a gay rights activist.” 

Huffington Post picked up the story and reported that the miniseries “will be told from Black’s perspective about his life growing up gay in a Mormon household to becoming a leader in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights movement.”

Never one to miss the chance to smear Christianity and push gay marriage, the Huffington Post is hyping a new edition of an old book proposing that the ancient Christian church held gay marriages.

A sensationalist HuffPo sidebar lead with the teaser: “Ancient Christians held gay marriages?” On the HuffPo’s Gay Voices page, the banner was emblazoned with the provocative suggestion: “ANCIENT I DO’S?”  The sub headline made it sound as if the story were breaking news: “Historian’s claims spark controversy.”

Surprise, surprise: the media still can’t seem to get their act together on the Pope’s words. Continuing the sloppy reporting on the Pope’s recent press conference, USA Today’s print version flubbed the Pope’s remarks on women’s ordination.

While hyperventilating over the Pope’s words on gays, the paper mistakenly claimed that the Pope’s remark “closes door on women’s ordination” – implying that the so-called door previously had been open.

Liberals in the media are doing what they do best when it comes to Pope Francis today: misrepresenting him to their hearts’ content.

When asked in a press conference about celibate priests who suffer same-sex attraction, the Pope replied: “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge him?” – a view which is exactly in line with Church teaching. But of course, the media had a field day painting this orthodox statement as a sweeping approval of the gay lifestyle.

Pope’s comment, consistent with Church teaching, blown out of proportion by press.


It’s hard to make a baby-killing business sound nice; but the ad for “South Wind Women’s Center” in Wichita, Kansas, did its best, painting the abortion clinic as a “healthcare” center instead of a death mill for unborn babies. Apparently, Clear Channel Communications, a mass media company, wasn’t fooled and refused to air an ad for the South Wind. Lefties in the media and abortion industry immediately cried foul.

Kate Dries, writer at the liberal website Jezebel, attacked Clear Channel for trying to “censor” the abortion clinic ads, and also denounced the company’s decision to reject ads for a gay Pride event. Dries copied the text of the two intended abortion clinic ads, one of which insisted that the abortion clinic was “founded to re-establish full access to reproductive healthcare.” (Read: built to make it as easy as possible to kill your baby).

Reality, n. Pronunciation: Brit. /rɪˈalᵻti/ , U.S. /riˈælədi/ 1.Real existence; what is real rather than imagined or desired; the aggregate of real things or existences; that which underlies and is the truth of appearances or phenomena. 2. The opposite of however the Oxford Dictionary is going to redefine Marriage to suit current political taste.

The Queen just signed gay marriage into law in Britain, and the Oxford English Dictionary is going to jump on the bandwagon by redefining marriage as no longer simply between “a man and a woman.”

Disturbing protests from abortion proponents and media glamour treatment for pro-abort Wendy Davis punctuated the debate over the Texas abortion bill. So when a young girl held up an explicit and obscene pro-abortion sign at the Texas Capitol, of course liberals hailed her as a precocious hero for women’s rights.

Tuesday Cain, a 14-year-old Texan, protested the abortion bill in Texas by holding a sign that read: “Jesus isn’t a d***, so keep him out of my vagina.” But instead of pointing out the lack of common decency and moral respect in the offensive placard, leftie site lauded Tuesday as “awesome” for her “willingness to stand up for her convictions.”

The royal prince is barely a day old, but already lefties are crossing their fingers in hopes that he’s gay.

Huffington Post hyped what may be the dumbest polling ever this morning – a survey claiming that a majority of Brits would react favorably if the son born yesterday to Prince William and Kate Middleton would come out as a homosexual in the future. The survey was conducted by the “lesbian, gay, and bisexual advocacy group Stonewall” (because, of course, they’d have an unbiased and objective viewpoint).

While thousands of young people gather in Rio de Janeiro this week to celebrate World Youth Day with Pope Francis for the very first time, gay rights activists can’t wait to welcome the pontiff to Brazil – with an offensive gay “kiss-in.”

According to Huffington Post, a gay rights group plans to stage a gay “kiss-in” during the Pope’s World Youth Day appearance.  The obscene protest is scheduled for July 25, during the speech Pope Francis will give on Copacabana beach. Gay couples will meet there and kiss each other on the lips to demonstrate their opposition to the Church’s stance on homosexuality and gay marriage.

With Matt Philbin 

Remember the media blackout of the Gosnell trial? Earlier this year, Philadelphia late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of three counts of murder – two of them delivering babies and then killing them in his filthy “house of horrors” clinic. He was also found guilty of more than 230 other felony and misdemeanor charges.

Pundits and journalists excused the media neglect, saying late term abortion was just too uncomfortable, the descriptions of the clinic too lurid, or dismissing it as a “local” issue. That’s not how the broadcast networks have treated the pro-abortion crusade of Texas Democrat Wendy Davis.

Ever wonder what a "Princess Boy" does in the summer? Apparently, if the Boy Scouts aren't gay enough for him, he can grab his tiara and head off to transgender camp, where he can share his pink nail polish and sequined tutus with other gender-bending boys.

According to, such a camp actually exists where boys can "redefine gender," and photographer Lindsay Morris has followed it for years, playing paparazzi for the "gender non-conforming boys and their parents."  Morris has documented the camp under the pseudonymous title "Camp You Are You," which she explained was designed for "gender-variant boys" to "freely express their interpretations of femininity alongside their parents and siblings."

When a singer releases a lewd, explicit, misogynistic song complete with pornographic music video through your big-name store, what do you do? Endorse it, of course! 

 At least, that’s how Target responded to the release of Robin Thicke’s new album “Blurred Lines,” which has stirred criticism even from liberal critics for its obviously exploitative treatment of women, even to the point of being called a rape song. As we all know, sex sells, so Target’s response wasn’t to drop the hip-hop singer or even this particular album. Instead, on July 16, Target tweeted excited hype for the repulsive song: “We can't wait for @robinthicke's new album, Blurred Lines. Pre-order now to get 3 bonus tracks, only at yours truly!”

When the first episode of your new show begins with a lesbian love scene, you know it’ll be an instant Hollywood and media hit.

“Orange Is the New Black,” just released as a Netflix webseries, is a raunchy dramedy about an educated white, ex-lesbian woman who gets involved with a drug ring and spends 15 months in a women’s prison. Judging from the first few episodes, the series promises to be chock-full of lesbian sex, nudity, druggies, transgenders and other decidedly tasteless content. And liberals in the media are lapping it up.  

The ink on the SCOTUS ruling is barely dry, but Hollywood is already set to start celebrating the gay victory with more propaganda films. First up? HBO’s new documentary about the lawyers and gay couples who brought down Prop 8.

According to the New York Times, HBO announced this week that it is mere months away from finishing up a special documentary that will “chronicle the court battle to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage.” But the film won’t just showcase the legal battle; it will focus in on the gays involved – the “story of the couples behind the case.”

You’re a best-selling author. Your beloved sci-fi novel that’s been a fan favorite for decades is about to come to the silver screen. You can expect more fame, adulation, money, right? Wait just a second! You dared to speak out against gay marriage? Welcome to the new blacklist.

Orson Scott Card, author of the popular sci-fi fantasy “Ender’s Game,” which was just made into a film set to release this fall, is coming under fire from the left for his pro-traditional-marriage views. According to Huffington Post, an “online protest” broke out to blacklist the new movie based on Card’s book because of his conservative views and opposition to the gay agenda. As HuffPo reported, LGBT activists are taking aim at Card for his “controversial” “anti-gay stance.”

Abortionists are going gray and there could be a “women’s health” crisis unless younger docs learn the baby-killing trade. That was the attitude of a HuffPo Live panel on Monday afternoon, complaining that younger generations of doctors don’t get oodles of abortion training.

Accusing medical schools of failing to provide sufficient abortion training for medical students, host Ricky Camilleri lamented that in Toledo “students will now have to travel an hour away to learn the common medical procedure,” and claimed that “this politicizing” might “create a shortage of doctors.”