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John Hirschauer was an intern in the MRC's News Analysis Division. In addition to being published in The New York Times and Hartford Courant, he was a weekly columnist for the student-run Fairfield Mirror. John's work has been featured on The Rush Limbaugh Show. His work as a public speaker has yielded appearances as a correspondent on the internationally broadcasted News 7 Tamil and as a moderator at Fairfield’s Quick Center for the Arts. John is a graduate of Fairfield University and is originally from Southbury, Connecticut.

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To vociferously oppose MS-13 is to, in so many words, descend from the rhetorical lineage of lynch-mob sympathizers in the Jim Crow south. So says Slate’s Jamelle Bouie in his Thursday piece “Make America Afraid Again”:

One of the core ideological issues that determines a person’s political philosophy is the degree to which one believes that unfavorable external circumstances can be overcome via persistence and hard work. If an individual believes that America is a place so racist, so intractably bigoted that few, if any, minorities will escape from its systemically corrupt clutches, it naturally follows that one would advocate for governmental redistribution of wealth from the benefactors of Rawlsian chance to those with an almost Calvinist predestination for serfdom.

It’s an oft-repeated point: as the nuclear family and religious instruction wane in prominence in mainstream America, people’s needs for a higher purpose inevitably attaches itself to some other, often political, force. It’s why everywhere you look, from Cosmopolitan to Teen Vogue, publications that used to have a primary focus on niche topics like fashion and clothing trends are now unable to “stay in their lane” and are overrun with overt leftism, the new uniting social cause upon which many millennials attach their wayward search for meaning.

Jason Johnson, politics editor for, a sectarian site dedicated to “black news, opinion, politics and culture”, appeared on MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle Tuesday morning to discuss President Trump’s verbal spar with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In keeping with the hyper-racialized rhetoric that litters the site, the editor went on a slanderous tirade against Sessions.

As the White House becomes further entrenched in the throes of media claims of Russian collusion, it seemed only natural that the news media would have a fit of spasmodic rage when President Trump had an undisclosed meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit of world leaders.

It’s been clear for a while, but it has recently become exceedingly so: America’s most educated and esteemed elites really don’t think America is all that great. The rhetoric is everywhere- from The New Yorker’s Adam Gopnik asking whether the American Revolution was a mistake all the way to the seemingly unanimous conception of the American academy that the nation’s citizenry is irredeemably bigoted. It came, then, as no surprise when The Atlantic’s Jonathan Kay yearned on Monday for the greener pastures up north, affirmatively quoting JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

On Monday morning, Hallie Jackson ran a segment on MSNBC Live devoted to investigating the ills of Venezuela amid growing tensions in the South American country. For the entirety of the segment, neither the host nor her guest even mentioned the socialism that has bound the once prosperous nation to starvation.

You can’t disagree with the left anymore without some sort of ulterior motive ascribed to you. After all, if you were a good person, you would think like them.


In MSNBC’s search for a spokesman of sacrosanct ethics and patriotism, they turned to an unlikely source: Dan Rather. The fake news forefather joined Chris Hayes on his Tuesday All In program, opining that lying by Trump Jr. and other Trump officials raised “a real ethical question” about their character. Moreover, he argued, it lead to very real questions about their “patriotism."

Peter Beinart’s Tuesday article in The Atlantic, which deemed Trump’s Warsaw speech a nod to his “white nationalist” base, was an inevitable, almost gravitational spasm from the identity wing of the Democrat party. Criticism of Beinart’s contorted logic poured in, and on Tuesday morning, he responded to his critics by redoubling on claims “racial” undertones in the President’s defense of the West.

When one trudges through existence with a particular proto-Marxist worldview that fetishizes victimhood, the inevitable outgrowth of such perpetual hysteria manifests itself in assertions that seem to grow more and more hyperbolic with time. Such was the case for pundit and pro-Palestinian activist Peter Beinart when he wrote a Thursday piece entitled The Racial and Religious Paranoia of Trump’s Warsaw Speech featured in The Atlantic.

On Thursday, President Trump delivered a rousing defense of Western civilization in Poland and the West's history of confronting existential threats to international liberty. Such a speech gained the admiration of Reaganites and the venom of the perpetually outraged, but CNN Tonight host Don Lemon had one sole focus: Trump’s comments on CNN’s self-beclowning that he gave in response to a question he received on the subject by a reporter.

One of the inviolable "truths" the Left holds dear is that voter fraud is a myth. But what if such fraud is a documentable threat to the integrity of our electoral process? No matter- as Newsweek’s Evan Thomas said after his role in promulgating the sham rape case against the Duke lacrosse team, “The narrative was right, but the facts were wrong."

It’s a tried and true leftist refrain, imbued with all of the condescension and paternalism that begot a reality TV star’s run to the White House: if only those rubes in America’s heartland knew better, they would never vote for small government economic policies. They’re too busy, to use the Obama formula, clinging to their guns and religion to see the paradisiacal possibilities of social democracy. 

The mainstream media doesn’t understand pro-life Americans. They think you’re either stupid, uninformed, or some bizarre religious troglodyte opposing progress to satiate a deep lust for misogyny. Nowhere was this more evident than in Thursday morning’s bizarre tag team effort between the hosts on MSNBC Live with Velshi and Ruhle.

Tucker Carlson, Fox News’ heir to Bill O’Reilly’s slot in their primetime cable lineup, often fills the hour with bewildered glances, engaging dialogue, and outright mockery of his typically-deserving opponents who he brings on to the program. Monday was no different as Carlson invited on Democratic strategist Jim Devine to defend the seemingly indefensible: his decision to tweet the hashtag #HuntRepublicanCongressmen in the wake of the attempted massacre of Republican representatives last week.

It’s often disheartening to hear some of the despicable things the audience of ABC’s The View will applaud for. Whoopi Goldberg and her compatriots talked about Cuban relations on Monday and parroted loony moral equivocations between human rights in America and Cuba made by Cuban officials. The audience, eager to shower their undying loyalty, erupted in applause as Whoopi repeated the communist regime's talking points.


The View is a show that has, for much of its history, profited off of manufactured outrage. Friday’s broadcast took a similar turn, when they discussed the multifarious “sexism” embedded in liberal favorite Senator Kamala Harris getting “interrupted” by her fellow Senators. Other supposed examples: Reminding her not to interrupt Attorney General Jeff Sessions who was attempting to answer her question, and being called “hysterical” by a Trump surrogate.

The View, ABC’s morning talk program that elevated Raven-Symone to political punditry, engaged in one of its more oafish rants Thursday on one of the many topics about which it knows very little: the Constitution. In the wake of an agitated socialist attempting to engage in the mass murder of his political opponents, the panelists at The View changed the subject to berating the Second Amendment and the limits it places on gun control.

A Democratic candidate for the governorship in Maryland appeared on MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle Tuesday to further incite mayhem on the day’s already circus-like broadcast. Ruhle did her part in setting up the full-fledged #Resistance member Ross with typical leftist innuendos, decrying constitutionalists like Mark Levin as the “extreme right” capable of playing to the oft-maligned Trump “base”. Ross took the bait and, refused to be one-upped in shrill hysteria.