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John Gable

CEO and co-founder, All Sides
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John co-founded AllSides which uses patented technology to provide balanced news, media bias ratings and real conversation. He also co-founded which delivers news literacy, civil dialogue and critical thinking, and is currently used in schools in all 50 states. Both organizations are led and staffed by people across the political spectrum. Both strengthen our democratic republic and our social fabric. 

John has over 25 years of high technology entrepreneurship, management and executive experience, leading product, marketing and consumer teams and divisions. He started by joining the original Microsoft Office team, later became the PM team lead for Netscape Navigator and the first consumer release of the Mozilla web browser (now known as Firefox). He also led ZoneAlarm at Check Point Software (online security), and co-founded Kavi Corp (web-based collaboration, later sold to Higher Logic). In the 80s, John was a Republican operative working for George H. W. Bush, Mitch McConnell, the Republican National Committee and others.

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