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“Imagine there’s no Donald Trump.” Those are the lyrics actor and Bernie Bro Mark Ruffalo would probably love to see in an amended version of “Imagine,” John Lennon’s song about a communist utopia.The actor’s hatred for Trump superseded his desire for unity and calm in the wake of coronavirus and he took to Twitter to call the president's pandemic policies “racist.”

You know, the coronavirus “social distancing” measures don’t have to be all bad. There are silver linings to some of this limbo, one being that the LGBTQ community has to slow down its offenses against our sensibilities.

It was only a matter of time before the general public had to suffer through this era’s version of the song “We Are the World.”

The pressure of being quarantined in her luxury pad with her husband, singer John Legend, must have been too much for model Christine Teigen, because she started lashing out viciously on social media against First Lady Melania Trump.

Stephen Colbert decided to continue producing a stripped down form of his late night comedy show in the midst of the coronavirus quarantine, though it wasn’t just the production quality that appeared to be suffering, but the material itself. Maybe that’s just because we’re tired of lame jokes from the bottom of the far left political barrel.

Say what you want about President Trump, but he has an almost magical ability to send lefties into a sputtering rage void of all reasoning and common sense. One of Trump’s recent coronavirus briefings sure got Westworld star Jeffrey Wright to look like a spit-flecked dunce.

Marvel’s most recent comic book isn’t even about superheros this time around. It’s progressive propaganda with a crime-fighting veneer. That’s it. Even with two years of Marvel discussing token gay characters, or its parent company Disney trying to weave in a subtle lesbian kiss here or there, we were still surprised to learn that the superhero company decided that a “non binary” character named “Snowflake." 

Oh Hollywood. To its denizens, everything that conservatives or Donald Trump mutter before the press is a cultish conspiracy theory, but celebs can push whatever anit-semitic fever dream BS they want and expect us to hear them out. That’s what actress Rosanna Arquette hoped for on Tuesday with her crazy anti-Israel tweet.

High Fidelity star Zoey Kravitz seems to have a pretty interesting sense of humor regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. The actress posted a joke photo of the virus to her Instagram account which had been altered to appear like it was made of red “MAGA” caps.


No way! No one is over hyping this coronavirus, much less weaponizing the hysteria for political purposes. Famous Hollywood people may be tweeting that the solution to coronavirus is removing President trump from office, but hey, that’s just being pragmatic and somehow in line with proper disease prevention … right?


No matter what happens with the coronavirus, whether it consumes the world in its entirety, or mercifully sputters out, Hollywood nutjobs have already declared that the Chinese-originated virus is the worst thing imaginable allowed by the “worst human being imaginable,” Trump.


The lefty media expects to do two key things in response to coronavirus: 1, freak the heck out to the point where you inexplicably buy a small town’s worth of toilet paper and 2, make sure that in your unhinged frenzy you tread so lightly so as to avoid breaking any of the taboos of PC politics.

You know what goes great with a slice of Coronavirus media panic? Well, racist jokes of course. African American intellectual and activist Marc Lamont Hill responded to the news of actor Tom Hanks and his wife catching coronavirus with a tasteless “joke” about not caring since they’re not black.

Brie Larson is such a feminist that she can’t make a darn car commercial without scolding some corporate jerk for putting down members of her “sisterhood.”

Though he’s one of the gentlemen who helped “Pink Floyd” build The Wall, Bob Geldof sure doesn’t admire any of President Trump’s policies.


Around the same time Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden told blue collar workers that they were “full of shit” for calling out his shoddy defense of the 2nd amendment, (the former Vice President referred to AR-15s as AR-14s in the exchange, just to let you know how bulletproof his gun arguments are,) far lefties on Twitter insisted that he had the moral and intellectual strength to preside over the United States.

The Hollywood left is so unhinged that it almost seems like they’re cheerleading for coronavirus to be an apocalyptic event, just so President Trump looks bad. Tinseltown’s most deranged went about that far, tweeting so rabidly about the threat of the virus under Trump, and the stock market plunge in response, that they revealed almost a level of glee about it.

Maybe many folks aren’t so into this drag queen and kids phenomenon after all. Netflix just announced that it’s new-ish drag queen-centered show starring RuPaul and his enthusiastic 10 year-old sidekick has been cancelled after just one season. Good. There’s proof that there is some sanity in the world.

People in either Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sander’s camp are all conservative-hating anti-middle class loons, but they refuse to recognize that about each other and team up to defeat the evil orange man. Even Hollywood's wokest are fighting a civil war and that means conservatives are grabbing the popcorn cause it’s quite a show watching the left implode.

We always knew that once Elizabeth Warren had to exit the primary race there would be plenty of complaints that it was because she was a woman and America is a sexist place, especially from Hollywood. Though it’s pretty ironic to see the woke Hollywood crowd lecture the country about this.