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Claire Chretien is an Outreach Assistant at the Media Research Center and a recent graduate of the University of Alabama. 

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CNN's The Wonder List with Bill Weir devoted a large portion of its latest episode on Sunday to Iceland's high rate of unwed mothers and "unique sexual politics" that include a significant decline in marriage.

The Associated Press devoted nearly 800 words Tuesday to promoting fetal tissue research in the midst of Planned Parenthood’s ongoing baby parts-for-profit scandal.  Its story, titled “Scientists say fetal tissue essential for medical research,” hyped the “potential” of using cells garnered from aborted babies to further medicine.

AP reporters Collin Binkley and Carla K. Johnson fretted that “Many major universities declined to make scientists available for interviews about their fetal tissue work, saying they fear for the researchers’ safety because the issue is so highly charged,” and listed a slew of treatments scientists are trying to develop using cells from tiny humans in their earliest stages of life.

ABC's Nightline hyped a polyamorous, "trailblazing triad" on Thursday evening/early Friday morning, highlighting the threesome's "unusual modern family." ABC's Abbie Boudreau eagerly explained that 'this triad wants to make it clear that they are not polygamists," and that they are all sexual partners with each other.

Mary Claire Kendall is a Washington-based writer who's written on Hollywood for Forbes and for Breitbart. I recently heard her speak on her new book about Christian faith and movie stars titled Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends. It provides intimate portraits of stars who came to faith after struggles with alcoholism, infidelty and other problems – including legends like John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy, Patricia Neal, and Bob Hope. She recently took the time to answer a few questions for NewsBusters:

It hasn’t been a good week for NBC’s PR team.  Their top anchor has humiliated the network and been suspended for six months after being outed as a liar.  And one of their foreign correspondents continues to take heat for making offensive comments about a celebrated American hero, American Sniper Chris Kyle. Two retired generals appeared on Hannity Tuesday evening to disucss the letter they sent along with MRC President Brent Bozell to the Comcast Board of Directors demanding an on-air apology from NBC foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin. 

A handy review of media critics who have been speaking out against Brian Williams, most of whom are also politically liberal.