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Editor's note: This article contains offensive language and content.

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards air Sunday night, and Nicki Minaj’s new video “Anaconda” is finally out. It’s a good week for porn, er, pop.

Last year’s VMA show featured the Miley Cyrus “twerking” extravaganza. “Anaconda” is, according one enthusiastic description, about “butts.” It’s tempting to say that we’ve reached the ultimate confluence of pornography and pop, but someone will find always find a way to go lower.  

It’s all for the art, man

José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros, the artist behind the exhibition called ‘Profanity Pop’ has taken his “art” to an irreligious level, depicting Mickey Mouse as Christ, Daisy duck as the Virgin Mary holding pregnancy test, and a priest giving communion to Jessica Rabbit. Predictably, Ontiveros is a hit with liberals. 

Editor’s note: this article quotes angry feminists. Thus it contains objectionable language. 

Imagine the horror of being told – by someone you suspect is a Christian – that not having sex is the only fool-proof method of birth control! Chilling, isn’t it? 

Ding! We have a winner for Worst Mom of 2014! “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham, welcomes the day her daughter makes a sex tape.  

While promoting the first installment of her erotic novel trilogy, Farrah Abraham, describes how she would respond if her daughter, Sophia, made a sex tape. Abraham staunchly expects Sophia to follow in Mommy’s footsteps, assuming she will declare that she “HAD to try” making a porn film.

What music comes to mind when you think of America and Independence Day? “The Battle Hymn of the Republic?” A John Phillip Souza march? Glenn Miller or the Andrews Sisters?

Outside of country, there isn’t much music being made about America anymore. Oh, pop music is still filled with references. America’s favorite problem child, Miley Cyrus, turns up in nearly every 4th of July playlist with “Party In The U.S.A.” and Katy Perry’s “Firework” has also become an Independence Day party anthem. But Cyrus’ song mentions nothing American, except the “fame excess” of Hollywood. “Firework” just uses the 4th of July as a reference in the music video that features fireworks shooting from Perry’s breasts (which, one suspects, was the point of the song from its inception). 

The musical wreckage that is Jennifer Lopez’s latest album is one thing; the cultural wreckage that “A.K.A” reflects is another altogether.

J-Lo has risen from the American Idol judges’ table, but her attempt to regain her ‘Jenny From The Block’ glory days has taken a face plant on the pavement. According to ShowBizz 411, the album has only sold 30-35,000 copies during its debut week.

In a recent article, The Daily Beast writer, Teo Bugbee, bashes Hollywood for not making abortion flicks like ‘Obvious Child’ a long time ago. That’s exactly what we all want to see- abortion comedies in the box office every weekend. How fun.

Bugbee began by insisting that ‘Obvious Child’ is “not an abortion movie.” Yet here we are, reading a 1,700+ word article about how ‘Obvious Child’ is a revolutionary film about abortion.

The liberal media will do anything to take a dig at the Duggar family, stars of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,” but this is just weak. The online gossip rag mags, RadaronlineNational Enquirer,Examiner Hollywood Gossip, and Star have their tabloid skirts over their heads about the photo of Jessa Duggar posing with a gun.

The photo depicts Jessa Duggar holding a gun in a store with the caption, “My AWESOME girlfriend. #DontmesswithJessa.” The picture was posted to Facebook on May 19th by her boyfriend, Ben Seewald. Tabloid magazines did some serious investigating to find this obscure picture posted close to a month ago. 

Lest anyone still doubt the growing totalitarianism of the left – and the LGBT left especially – the recent episode involving National Review correspondent Kevin D. Williamson should prove instructive. 

TIME Magazine recently featured transgender actor Laverne Cox on its cover and instructed America that transgender is “America’s next civil rights frontier.” In response, Williamson’s opinion piece, “Laverne Cox Is Not a Woman,” was published May 30th on the National Review Online. The subtitle to the article read, “Facts are not subject to our feelings,” and Williamson argued that sex cannot be separated from gender. 

Oh those clever, clever liberals. In the recent YouTube release of her documentary, “Smear Campaign”, Lizz Winstead tells pro-lifers to go f*ck themselves if they oppose Planned Parenthood. Comedy gold!

In response to the shift of taxpayers dollars away from Planned Parenthood in 2011, Winstead embarked on a comedy + abortion activism tour across the major cities in America, attempting to mix abortion boosterism with humor.

A darling of the lefty entertainment establishment has taken a prosthetic nose dive into hot water. At Macklemore’s May 16 Seattle performance at the opening of “Spectacle: The Music Video,” the rapper lionized for his pro-gay stance appeared on stage in a stereotypical Jewish costume, singing his hit, “Thrift Shop.”

Bad move for a guy celebrated for injecting “tolerance and acceptance and equal rights” into hip hop.