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NewsBusters associate editor Noel Sheppard was a guest on Glenn Beck's radio program today to discuss liberal MSNBC pundit and radio host Ed Schultz.

Noel and Glenn covered a few NewsBusters posts on Schultz's more outlandish statements, including his lamentation that he could not cheat in the Massachusetts special election that landed Scott Brown in Washington, his use of former vice president Dick Cheney's heart attack to push Democrats' health care overhaul, and his claim that "Republicans want to see you dead!"

Make sure to check out the full audio below the fold provided by our friends at The Right Scoop. Congrats to Noel, and thanks to Glenn for having him.

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A multitude of organizations, hundreds of thousands of individuals join together to defend the First Amendment from a reinstatement of the so-called "Fairness" Doctrine

Editor's Note: You too can join the Free Speech Alliance.  Click here and sign the petition, and stand at the ready for whenever any liberal again threatens the First Amendment with talk of reinstating the Censorship Doctrine.   

Free Speech Alliance | Media Research Center
Spreading the Word
The Media Research Center today officially announced the Free Speech Alliance, a gathering of a multitude of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individual citizens dedicated to ensuring that the Censorship Doctrine, mis-named the "Fairness" Doctrine, is never again reinstated.

The Free Speech Alliance member organizations are themselves engaged in a wide array of issues, but they all recognize the preeminent importance of defending the First Amendment and protecting free speech from government censorship, a fundamental Constitutional safeguard.

The Free Speech Alliance member organizations thus far:

What a disgraceful display of media malice in response to the Gov. Palin announcement. The Governor is a remarkable, genteel and upstanding woman, yet the press went right into the gutter in response to Sen. McCain's selection of her to be Vice President.

We're back up. A network connection switch to our servers broke which caused them to be unreachable. The machines themselves were unaffected. The problem is nothing to do with the domain issue earlier, fyi. Consider this today's open thread.