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CNNs Soledad OBrien warns of the impending devastation of the economy with the FairTax.

Network assaulted industry but didnt give them any chance to respond.

Environmentalists claim mercury link with autism is absolutely overwhelming

Media treat left-wing pro-tax group as unbiased consumer advocate.

NYT is one of few to admit record isnt really a record.

News show relies on UAW president, former autoworker and labor expert to tell a one-sided business story.

Network paints business-law reformers as eager to take parents away from sick kids.

NYT and Reuters frame positive news negatively, while others provide mixed reports or no report at all.

Balance not on the menu in NBC report on food industry.

Networks make erroneous and incomplete reports on Womens Health Study.

Autism claim is just latest way to attack coal power plants for adding mercury into the environment.

The insourcing side of the story shows how imported auto industry plants bring 60,000 jobs to U.S.