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FairTax supporters predate Huckabee and are going strong despite media dismissal of the proposal.

Democrats won't go on TV to defend their sly plan: a $2-trillion tax increase.

Not everyone makes the same amount of money, but that doesn't mean the government should act to abolish 'income inequality.'

Like the colonists who bought Manhattan, Congress has offered us trinkets in exchange for valuable ground.

Despite all the good news, 'Goldilocks economy' never just right for network reports.

Americans are overtaxed and under-informed.

Wal-Marts critics, led by unions and the media, are waging an all-out assault on the free market that keeps our countrys economy thriving.

As demands on retirement plans increase, American workers will benefit from market-based accounts they control.

The media perpetuated outrageous economic myths throughout the year.

Windfall taxes would be a tax on free enterprise.

We cant change worldwide demand, but we can lift unnecessary restrictions on production and refinery capacity.

Network news gives little time to Americans generosity, as businesses use their profits to help the needy.

But their coverage of the Bush economy reads like a collection of Democratic Party press releases, calling a strong economy everything from 'struggling' to 'volatile' or 'dicey.'

Networks deliver liberal talking points and then the media wonders why support for personal accounts isnt stronger.