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The Second Amendment is the ultimate Constitutional expression of personal responsibility. In the Bill of Rights, the Founding Fathers acknowledged the right of the American people to arm themselves, for both self defense against criminals and as a check on tyrannical government. CMIs latest Eye on Culture, The Media Assault on the Second Amendment, examines how the media push their anti-gun agenda and elevate dependence on government above personal responsibility -- by twisting and omitting vital facts about the use of firearms.

How can politicians cooperate across the aisle when their backers are hurling hateful, shocking language at political adversaries?

The network obscures the broader conflict within a church whose American leadership has repudiated traditional Christian beliefs about God and Scripture.

A story on the House ethics bill paints Capitol Hill corruption as an exclusively Republican problem. The next day's revised version injects a little balance, but not enough.

Media grant a silent pass, even though the New York senator would reject candidates solely because of judicial philosophy, a radical departure from Senate tradition.

Media overlook the story: hate crimes laws are being used to punish speech.

Nearly every news organization that covered the court decision voiding Hazleton, Penn.'s immigration laws sided with the illegals.

Network calls for more gun control and federal spending, but not moral reform, to curb inner city violence.

New miniseries slams the Iraq war, casts Iraq vets as victims and criminals.

Is this any way to empower women?

An article written under a pseudonym defames American soldiers in Iraq with dubious, unverifiable stories of cruelty.

Liberal journalists seem to fear losing their safe sanctuary for bias.

Are Shrek, Sponge Bob, sugary cereal and pleading children really impossible to resist?

Quite a contrast to the media hostility when the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth exposed John Kerry as a made-up war hero.

New York Times, Associated Press use former Surgeon General's charges of censorship to bash Bush, fail to report that Clinton did it too.

ABC's World News Tonight blasts away at middle American gun culture with a few rounds of shoddy science and emotional manipulation.

Professionalism goes out the window as Big Media swoons over Al Gore and his Live Earth extravaganza.

Stories focus on de-linking of childrearing and marriage, but ignore growing opposition to same-sex marriage.

Nets, press depict immigration bill opponents as conservative racists stirred up by talk radio.

CNN headline obscures Ohio policeman's responsibility for double murder.