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As the media point out that hurricane victims insurance coverage is lacking, news coverage also lacks some key points.

Networks show exaggerated video of highest gas prices, hyping daily increases but glossing over the recent steady decline.

Broadcasters turn news into 24-hour speculation cycle about $5 per gallon post-hurricane gas prices.

Book by CNN's Jack Cafferty lives in the past, but offers surprising remarks on mortgages, bailouts.

"An Insider's Tale of Greed, Fraud and Ignorance" by Richard Bitner

'Your $$$$$' puts McCain's promises under the microscope, while glossing over Obama's.

ABC News slams the VA and Pfizer for distributing a drug to veterans to help them quit smoking.

Show highlights green living, promoting Planet Green documentary.

'Good Morning America' slants business buyout story into national security scare.

Article celebrates victories of anti-food advocates pressuring businesses.

In what's become Earth Month, the media press on as though it's Public Issue No. 1.

Newsweek praises Obama's 'thrilling' speechmaking, looks for the 'greenest candidate' for president and spews tons of global warming alarmism.

'Good Morning America' highlights student who 'didn't understand' the fees added to her card balance.

Media gloss over details and effects of liberal candidates' proposed mortgage bailouts.

Networks continue trend of ignoring scientists who challenge 'consensus,' while newspapers find plenty of environmentalists to mock them.

Clinton and Obama want to stick it to The Man - but just who is The Man?

Media encourage people to view themselves as victims of the economy, looking for handouts from the next president.

Michelle Singletary describes Clinton's proposal for taxpayer-funded help to debt-ridden Americans in glowing terms.

Climate change campaigner dubbed 'the thinking girl's thoroughbred' in steamy Style section tribute.

Despite Federal Reserve's expectations of no recession in 2008, journalists can't get enough of the word.