Sharpton: 'People Should Think Twice Before They Invite Michigan Gov

December 12th, 2012 10:15 AM
Is wanting workers to have the right to choose if they're going to join a union racist? Apparently it is according to MSNBC commentator Al Sharpton who concluded a Huffington Post rant about Michigan's newly enacted right to work laws Wednesday, "People should think twice before they invite Gov. Snyder to a King Day celebration in three weeks."

USAT-Carried Report on Crowder Assault, AFP Tent Tear-Down: 'No Report

December 12th, 2012 1:16 AM
Perhaps hoping that readers wouldn't scroll down to peruse what followed, a Tuesday evening Detroit Free Press report by David Jesse and Lori Higgins carried at USA Today featured a video taking up my entire computer screen which consisted entirely of union protesters chanting slogans for 49 seconds. The pair's actual report carries a misleading headline ("Mich. governor signs…

AP on Friday: Mich. Right to Work Law an Exercise in 'Raw Power,' With

December 11th, 2012 6:25 PM
There will be plenty of time later to look at how the Associated Press and other wires more than likely fail to report the violence that took place in connection with right-to-work legislative actions in Michigan's legislature today. For now, let's look at the reactions of Associated Press reporters John Flesher and Jeff Karoub on Friday in an item which is no longer at the AP's…

CBS Hypes 'Thousands of Angry Protesters' Against Right-to-Work Bill

December 11th, 2012 4:23 PM
Tuesday's CBS This Morning played up the union-led protests against a proposed right-to-work law in Michigan. Elaine Quijano claimed "the protests here in Michigan...[will] likely only get bigger." Quijano added that "they're planning to return today in record numbers - protesters determined to defend one of the biggest union strongholds in the country." The…

With Right-to-Work Being Protested in Michigan, Liberal Media Avoids t

December 11th, 2012 3:57 PM
Right-to-work legislation has passed in Michigan, despite the vociferous protests of bused-in union protesters in Lansing and sympathetic coverage from the liberal media, who have portrayed right-to-work as a blow to "union rights" as well as a "politically unnecessary" and "divisive" move by Republicans who control the state legislature and governor's mansion…

Andrea Mitchell Grills Michigan Governor Over Right to Work Laws

December 11th, 2012 3:48 PM
It appears as though NBC’s Andrea Mitchell has sided with the unions in the latest battle over workers’ rights, this time in Michigan.  Appearing on Tuesday’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Ms. Mitchell took it upon herself to hammer Governor Rick Snyder (R-Mich.) over his decision to sign a bill making Michigan the 24th right to work state. She later followed up the Snyder…

Jansing & Co. Presents Slanted & Misinformed Take on Michigan's Right

December 10th, 2012 6:25 PM
Michigan may very well become the 24th state to adopt right-to-work legislation on Tuesday, and liberal media outlets have given its opponents ample opportunity to state their case. While proponents have not been allowed to defend the law at all, MSNBC's Chris Jansing was more than happy to briefly play "devil's advocate" with her guest on Monday -- newly elected state…

Reuters Offers Readers Heavily-Slanted Story on Right-to-Work Bill in

December 7th, 2012 6:03 PM
Reuters correspondent Andrea King Collier offered readers a heavily-slanted 27-paragraph story last evening about Michigan Republican lawmakers pushing a right-to-work bill in the state legislature. King Collier quoted only one proponent of the legislation -- Gov. Rick Snyder -- who was described as a "reluctant supporter of the measure," unlike "other Republican governors who…

Rachel Maddow Can't Decide Whether She Loves or Hates Democracy

May 14th, 2012 10:21 PM
Rachel Maddow reveres democracy. Except when it might not go her way. An example of this was evident on her MSNBC show Friday night when she spent yet another segment bad-mouthing Michigan's emergency manager law.  (video after page break)

AP: Obama's Chances Improve in Ohio and Mich. Because of Him; No Menti

April 22nd, 2012 3:27 PM
It has become clear what the Obama campaign's strategy for trying to win states like Michigan and Ohio is and will continue to be. In three steps, it's as follows: 1) Pretend that the states' Republican governors, John Kasich in Ohio and Rick Snyder in Michigan, who both succeeded free-spending Democrats who presided over stagnant economies, have had nothing to do with their…

Rachel Maddow's Deceit About Michigan GOP Borders on Pathological

April 12th, 2012 6:36 PM
How do you know when Rachel Maddow isn't telling the truth? If any sentence she utters includes the words "Michigan" and "Republican." This habit of hers has become so ingrained that Maddow runs the risk of caricature, as in -- there she goes again, pulling a Maddow. (video and audio clips after page break)

In Covering State Jobs Report, AP's Kravitz Ignores Job Gainers

July 24th, 2011 11:31 PM
In his Friday report covering the June state and local employment report released by Uncle Sam's Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Associated Press's Derek Kravitz told readers about the three biggest seasonally adjusted job-losing states (Tennessee, Missouri, and Virginia), but had nothing to say about states which gained jobs. This was a curious omission indeed, given that BLS told us…

Ed Schultz: Three GOP Governors Down in Polls - 'It's a Turning Point

March 24th, 2011 10:31 AM
MSNBC's Ed Schultz on Wednesday claimed recent polls finding three newly-elected Republican governors wouldn't win if elections were held today represents a turning point in American history. Not surprisingly, his far-left guests from the Nation magazine quite agreed with him (video follows with transcript and commentary):