Liberal radio host and aspiring MSNBC flamethrower Ed Schultz remains unrivalled as a bottomless pit of buffoonery.

It's not just the most recent example, as described by NewsBusters' Mark Finkelstein, of a hefty Schultz maligning New Jersey governor Chris Christie as a "cold-hearted fat slob."

Weeks earlier, back on Sept. 1, Schultz said this on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" about criticism he'd received from fans of Glenn Beck (hat tip to Pam Key at The Blaze for embedded video) --

What a concept. The New Jersey Governor offered that and other bits of advice to the President over the weekend:

Rachel Maddow on Wednesday mocked the math skills of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie only seconds before she made the exact same arithmetic mistake she bashed him for.

In a short segment about the state of New Jersey losing some education funding as a result of errors made during the application process, the MSNBC host placed all the blame on the new Republican governor.

To put a fine point on what Maddow claimed was Christie's incompetence, she played a video of the Governor on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" earlier in the day misstating the number of points Ohio edged out New Jersey for this award.

Hysterically, when the clip ended, Maddow made the very same subtraction error (video follows with transcript and commentary): 

What's next: Bill Clinton cutting an ad vexing David Vitter on the issue of fidelity?

Of all people, Ed Schultz spent an entire segment this evening going after Chris Christie . . . about his girth.

I counted no fewer than seven separate barbs that Schultz directed Christie's way over his weight.  He began with a photo of the NJ Governor with the graphic "Battle of the Bulge."  It got heavier from there.

Just before he left for his vacation, New Jersey's conservative Republican governor Chris Christie announced his next reform initiative. That initiative is pension reform.

Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on Wednesday's Today show and deftly handled all of Matt Lauer's pointed questions from whether or not he was worried about "taking on" the "sacred cows" of unions and teachers, if he will support Barack Obama's small business legislation, and even if the governor's criticism of Snooki and The Situation was good for Jersey Shore tourism. On taking on the "sacred cows" Christie told the Today co-anchor "We're treating the people of New Jersey like adults." And when pressed by Lauer if he'll support the President's legislation that, as Lauer put it, "would help small business" Christie clarified: "What I'm in favor of is trying to lower taxes and lower regulation on small businesses so they can spend more of their own money creating jobs." [audio available here]

And finally, Christie and Lauer shared a laugh when the subject of MTV's reality show the Jersey Shore came up as Christie pointed out the cast was originally from New York and exclaimed: "Hey listen they're yours to begin with Matt. I have enough problems here. I mean an $11 billion deficit I gotta take Snooki and The Situation also? C'mon! So much a man can take, Matt!"

The following is the complete interview as it was aired on the July 28 Today show:

A New Jersey man who lives out of his van appeared at a town hall in Roxbury, New Jersey, to voice his support for Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.) and his policies. He says they will provide people like him the best opportunities to improve their situations.

"If you don't think this is a screwy system, I don't know what is!"

Almost instantaneously, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) vetoed a just-passed tax hike. Thus far Christie has stuck to his conservative guns in a not-so-conservative state.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) has grown tired of a media double standard on politicians who use "combative tones" and made sure the reporter demonstrating the double standard knew it. Watch as Christie slams the reporter:

Does the National Journal's Hotline inhabit the same universe as the rest of us?  Democrats lost two-out-of-three among last night's big races.  But in declaring Winners and Losers among non-candidates involved with the campaigns, the only Losers Hotline saw were . . . Republicans and conservatives, with nary a Dem in sight!

Chris Matthews was only too happy to seize on the Hotline hitlist during his Sideshow segment on this evening's Hardball.  Here were Hotline's three Losers:

  • Sarah Palin: for jumping into Hoffman's losing cause, whereas McDonell and Christie didn't invite her in and won.
  • Pete Sessions: the Chairman of the NRCC, who went 0-2 in special congressional elections.
  • Club For Growth: which backed Hoffman.

Hotline's inconsistent logic was glaring . . .

The G.O.P. had two big victories yesterday in off-year elections, winning the race for governor in New Jersey and Virginia for the first time since 1997. The New York Times's coverage was dominated by three themes used to explain away the success of Republicans:
The Republicans won by appearing moderate.

The congressional race in upstate New York revealed deep divisions within the G.O.P.

These off-year elections don't mean much anyway (except when Democrats win).